(Clearwisdom.net) Daejeon City is the largest city in central Korea. On the afternoon of November 6, 2004, to expose the Jiang regime's brutal persecution of Falun Gong, practitioners held an anti-torture exhibition on the street in front of the Daejeon train station. Practitioners also held a petition drive to rescue Gao Chengnu, the wife of a Korean practitioner who is being illegally detained in China.

Besides revealing the brutal nature of the persecution, practitioners also wanted to tell the public who was responsible for this persecution and how the Jiang regime created propaganda to deceive and poison Chinese people in order to justify their persecution of practitioners.

The people are shocked by the persecution

Before this event took place, the Chungcheongnam-do legislature unanimously passed a resolution requesting China to release Gao Chengnu. The person in charge of the chamber of commerce of this street watched this news from a TV program and voluntarily provided this site for practitioners to hold the exhibition.

It happened that a youth concert was taking place nearby at the same time. The teenagers who came to the concert of course also watched the exhibition. The crowd was shocked by the violence of Chinese police against practitioners, and many signed the practitioners' petition.

The anti-torture exhibition

The anti-torture exhibition Signing petition KBS TV Videotaping the exhibition

Practitioners demonstrated several torture methods used in China such as the Tiger Bench, shocking with electric batons, and force-feeding. From the exhibition, people developed a better understanding of the indomitable spirit of Chinese practitioners. The largest Korean state-owned TV station, KBS, filed a positive report on the exhibition.

Practitioners in Daejeon City said that they would continue to clarify the truth to people by holding more anti-torture exhibitions.