(Clearwisdom.net) I'm very pleased to be able to share my cultivation experiences with fellow practitioners, particularly under these conditions. The care and encouragement we give each other among practitioners has fully demonstrated the power of being one body in the face of the persecution. This has made all the evildoers tremble with fear. Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts during the severe persecution can make all evil factors crumble. Countless gods are watching. Sooner or later, all beings that have participated in the persecution will bear the consequences of their own conduct. The future of Dafa disciples the Fa has created will definitely be shining brightly.

No matter what kind of evil we are facing, and regardless of how adverse the situation we are in, and how severe the persecution we are suffering, we must keep clearheaded and face all this tribulation with a rational mind. Whether we are able to do this in perilous situations depends on our understanding of the role we play in assisting Master in the Fa-rectification, and on our understanding of the historic mission we Dafa disciples have to fulfil. It also depends on our great responsibility to all living beings, as well as on our understanding of the Fa-rectification and the seriousness of cultivation during Fa-rectification. Once Dafa disciples understand these things, then, no matter where or at which level they are, nothing unrighteous would dare to touch them.

I often ask myself what does it mean for Dafa disciples to be clearheaded? What does it mean for a Dafa disciple to be rational? If we fail to act with a clear head and from a rational mindset, then, in a ruthless environment we might be taken advantage of or used by the evildoers or evil in another dimensions. This is extremely dangerous, because it is no longer a simple matter of individual cultivation.

While I was illegally incarcerated in the Luquan Detention Center, the persecution special case team assembled many collaborators (1) to forcibly brainwash me for almost two months. The methods they used, besides lies and twisted logic, were to try and find anything you said while talking to them to use against you, and they would magnify and distort what you said in the attempt to confuse your mind. Even under those circumstances I did not fear them because as Master had said, "...just by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations" ("Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)." Essentials for Further Advancement II) I dealt with their non-stop brainwashing barrages by being silent. Then I would refute their fallacies with their own contradictory arguments. This scared them considerably and in the end they left, feeling defeated. The team handling my case also brought someone named Qi, a brainwashing expert from a prison under the personal administration of the Ministry of Justice to brainwash me. Like the others, he left defeated after 50 days of unsuccessful efforts.

My most important conviction at that time was to always hold a firm belief in Master and in Dafa, have a firm faith in our cultivation and take a righteous attitude toward our own cultivation; any slight deviation would make for irretrievable loss. This is not a simply personal matter. From what Qi said I got to know that the "610 Office" and the Ministry of Justice have worked out a whole set of tactics for brainwashing Falun Gong practitioners, and they zero in on the loopholes in practitioners' cultivation. That is why I decided the best way to deal with their brainwashing efforts was "keeping silent." The team assigned to my case did not give up. They sentenced me to forced labor, hoping that the dark and miserable labor camp would help them achieve their goal to brainwash me. Needless to say, they failed again! The collaborators "talked" with me for 42 days around the clock. Again I used the most effective method to deal with them - keeping silent, and I neither listened to nor believed anything they said.

These are only some of the specific methods I used during their brainwashing attempts. I feel that I should tell other practitioners about it, because many of us may face these brainwashing techniques. Of course, a cultivator should not only have a strong will, but also a clear understanding of the implications of Fa-rectification and of Master's teachings of the Fa--against which we should check ourselves in any perilous environment. I firmly believe that in the near future, with the Fa-rectification current surging more and more towards the surface, the evildoers are already no more than falling leaves in the autumn wind. The magnificent event "One day the Fa will become right and be spread in all temples" ("A Visit to Hanging-in-the-Air Temple" from Hongyin, unofficial translation) won't be too far away. Right now, though, we must take a proper stance and face all that is before us with righteous thoughts, so that we will be able to fulfil our pre-historic pledges and live up to the great trust the universe and Master's expectations have placed in us. I believe my fellow practitioners will do well.

There is so much I would like to say, but I can only talk about the key points. I'm really happy to share my thoughts with fellow practitioners, because while we are encouraging each other, we can also see where we fall short. I saw some fellow practitioners during the court's trial opening session. They told me that people outside are paying close attention to us and they encouraged us, to firmly keep our righteous thoughts.

Regarding the issues fellow practitioners raised about practitioners' gradually regressing during their long period of illegal incarceration and other interference, I think these issues are very easy to solve. The key is constantly reciting and listening to Master's teachings and recalling Master's Fa lectures! I believe that any form of interference has something to do with our own problems. After all, hidden behind them are high-level beings. Still, they cannot go too far during the Fa-rectification. On the human side, as long as we firmly believe in Master and in Dafa, there is nothing much they can do. Furthermore, the interference is nothing in comparison, because we have come from far-away celestial bodies for the Fa-rectification. Even the wait of thousands of years could not make our original determination and aspirations vanish! Ultimately, interference cannot shake Dafa disciples' powerful righteous thoughts, and they cannot fundamentally alter anything.

The above are some of my personal understandings; please point out anything improper.


1. Collaborators: Former practitioners who have turned against Falun Gong under brainwashing and torture.