(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners served the Party Secretary of Gansu Province Su Rong with a lawsuit during his visit to Zambia on November 4, 2004. This is the second high-ranking Chinese official sued in Africa, the first being former Education Minister Chen Zhili, who was sued in Tanzania. In addition, he is the first official to be forced to remain in a country after being sued, pending a court appearance.

According to a China Broadcasting Corporation online news report on November 10, 2004, there is an official Chinese delegation currently visiting Africa. One of the delegates is the Party secretary of Gansu province, Su Rong. He is now being sued by Falun Dafa practitioners in a local court of law, and prevented from leaving the country. This is the first case among Chinese officials being sued by overseas Falun Dafa practitioners, wherein the accused is constrained in this way to ensure that they will make a court appearance.

The report also mentions that this delegation is led by Chairman of the People's Congress Wu Bangguo. Their itinerary began with a visit to Kenya on October 29, then on to Zimbabwe, Zambia and Nigeria. They arrived in Zambia on November 4, planning to stay 2 days. However, on the first day of the stay, Su Rong was served with papers by the court, requiring him to appear in the court this week. The delegation then left Zambia, leaving Su Rong behind, ready to be brought on trial.

The report pointed out that Su Rong is the second Chinese Party official to be sued in Africa. Earlier, former Education Minister Chen Zhili was sued by Falun Dafa practitioners when visiting Tanzania for her role in directly persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. The local court gave her a court date, but she fled the country and did not appear in court.