(Clearwisdom.net) I work for the Shijiazhuang City government. The first time that I learned about Falun Gong was in June 2000, when Jiang's regime was persecuting Falun Gong most severely. At that time, someone from my hometown came to tell me that my uncle had been abducted and sent to a detention center. He asked me to seek other people's help in obtaining my uncle's release. Solely because he practices Falun Gong, my uncle was arrested, beaten, sent to a forced-labor camp, and fined many times. It is well known that supervisors in the city government assign Falun Gong arrest quotas to the police stations. They make money by arresting Falun Gong practitioners. Once they extort some money from you and fingerprint you, they will release you. If you don't comply, the officers will beat you until you loose the ability to take care of yourself, and their supervisors will even reward them for doing so.

My manager arranged for a private letter of permission for me to see my uncle, and I went back to my hometown. Then I contacted the secretary of the county political and judiciary committee and showed him the letter. I observed the secretary making a long phone call to someone before consent was granted for me to see my uncle at the detention center. Later I found out that detention center police were hastily trying to cover up their crimes: they took off my uncle's handcuffs, which he had been in for several days; they had my uncle cleaned up; and they did not allow him to see me until he agreed not to say whatever he wished. My original purpose in going there was to persuade him not to practice anymore. When I saw my uncle, I was shocked to see that he had been tortured. Nevertheless, he did not stop saying how great the Teacher is and how great Falun Gong is. He did not mention how he had been tortured, but the scars on his body revealed the truth.

In 2002, my uncle was kidnapped and taken to the Hebei Province Brainwashing Center for further persecution. Once there, however, Teacher's grace made him appear as a hepatitis B patient. Everyone was afraid of being infected, so they sent him home. When he arrived home, he had a medical checkup, and the tests showed that he was free of disease. I was touched by his steadfast will, and I developed a positive feeling toward Falun Gong.

I did not start practicing Falun Gong until the spring of 2003. At that time, my elder brother was coping with unbearable pain due to accumulated fluid in the brain. He had gone to many large hospitals for evaluations. All the doctors said that he must have an operation, but that there was no guarantee that he would be cured, because the excess fluid could flow to the abdomen after the operation. After a while, the abdomen could be infected as well.

There was nothing he could do but go through with the operation. I had to ask someone to help find a doctor and reserve a bed in a hospital. Everything was all set, and the operation was supposed to take place the following week. Then a miracle happened: when my brother went home to prepare for his daily routine, my uncle went to see him. Surprisingly, while my uncle was around during the entire day, my brother did not feel any pain. As soon as my uncle left, his pain started again. The next day he had my uncle come over, and he once again did not feel pain for the whole day. Later my uncle brought him Falun Gong books and videotapes. My elder brother read the books and watched the videotapes for a few days. He did not feel pain, but more importantly, he had been miraculously healed. He did not suffer at all, and he saved tens of thousands of yuan in hospital expenses. After a while, he went to the hospital for a check-up, and the tests showed that he was free of illness. The doctors said it was a miracle.

After I learned of this, I decided to go to my hometown and find a Falun Gong book to read, to learn what the book was about, and to discover what was so amazing about the practice. After I returned home, I found out that my mom had searched all over the village to find a copy of Zhuan Falun (1) and bought it because she was waiting for me to read it. From the moment I began reading, I found my path in life and started walking on the path of true cultivation.

My uncle is a very careful person. Even though the evil forces had been persecuting him for such a long time, he managed to keep all of Teacher's articles and books intact. I was very excited to bring all of my uncle's Falun Gong books back. I read them over and over again, focusing as intently as I could. I recalled a French prophet's predications made prior to 1985 and many kinds of myths passed on by elderly people. Then, after contemplating recent social trends and events, all kinds of heavenly phenomena, plus Teacher's continual hints and my personal feelings, my thoughts suddenly became clear, and I enlightened to the understanding that all kinds of arrangements are truly in place! I so wanted to go out into the street and shout: "Please everyone, come to believe in Falun Dafa quickly, this Falun Dafa is real -- hurry up and wake up! Our only life-saving Fa boat, which is Falun Dafa, is right beside us!"

I am very envious that practitioners outside of China can spread the Fa openly during the daytime, but I realize my erroneous thinking and encourage myself, "Don't be afraid, Teacher is right beside us. Walk well on the path that Teacher has pointed out to us and everything will be right!"


(1) Zhuan Falun: written by Mr. Li Hongzhi, this book contains the primary principles and teachings of Falun Gong.