(Clearwisdom.net) The public security personnel in the Shiyan First Detention Center in Hubei Province are very sinister in dealing with Falun Dafa practitioners who go on hunger strike. The perpetrators will usually force-feed practitioners every other day with a highly salted flour gruel after the fourth day of their hunger strike.

They tie the practitioner to a ladder, with their head, back, and legs tied to the cross-bars. This position alone is excruciating. Then, seven or eight prisoners or police will push the practitioner's shoulders, elbows, and knees down firmly to prevent the practitioner from moving. One of them will push the practitioner's chin up to force the head to tilt upwards. Another person then inserts a handcuff over the back teeth to reach the throat. The corners of their mouths often tear and bleed. They then pour the prepared salt-flour gruel into the practitioner's mouth, pinch their nose, and use a towel to cover the mouth in order to force the practitioner to swallow the gruel. It is unimaginably painful. Family members are forced to watch this barbarous act. For example, when they force-fed Wang Anxia, her daughter Cheng Li was forced to watch. Then, Wang Anxia was also forced to watch while they force-fed her daughter. When they finish with the force-feeding, the corners of the practitioner's mouth is usually covered in blood, and the practitioner is covered with coughed up gruel. The practitioner's chin and limbs are also often injured and covered with bruises. They also often suffer internal hemorrhaging. Their clothing is soaked with perspiration and they often have difficulty breathing. It takes a long time for them to recover.

Security Guard Shang Xiaoli said, "You're lucky we don't feed you with hot pepper water."