Police in the Third Brigade of Beijing's Tuanhe Labor Camp Torture Falun Dafa Practitioner Qi Wei (with Illustrations)

October 09, 2004


In June and July of 2003, Qi Wei, who works at a law firm in Beijing, was abducted to Tuanhe Labor Camp in the Daxing area of Beijing, where he suffered inhumane torture. Because he refused to give in to the brainwashing, he was deprived of sleep and his freedom. Every day, he was forced to endure brainwashing sessions. At night he was forced to sit on a stool facing the wall until 2:00 a.m. and only allowed to sleep for two or three hours. A criminal named Gao Xiang was specifically appointed to monitor his daily activities.

The following two torture methods were once used on Qi Wei and other detained practitioners.

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Torture Method 1: Handcuffed from behind

The handcuff is made of two metal half-circles (made from a coarse piece of iron 5 mm thick and 15 mm across) and a metal bar (about 15 cm in length and 6 mm in diameter).

After forcing both of the practitioner's arms behind his back, guards encircle each hand with a cuff and then fasten the cuffs tightly together with the iron bar. Usually the practitioner has to wear these handcuffs day and night, ranging from seven days to several months. With the handcuffs on, a person cannot care for himself. He needs help to carry out basic daily activities such as taking off his clothes, cleaning himself, eating, or using the toilet. In summer, the armpits get infected, causing itching and pain. If a person is handcuffed like this for three to seven days, his wrists bleed or develop blisters. Both hands swell, and it is very painful. Seven to eighteen or nineteen days handcuffed like this cause numbness and excruciating pain in both shoulders. It is truly miserable. After being handcuffed like this for more than twenty days, one does not feel the pain as much and gets used to it.

After the handcuffs are removed, the person has difficulty raising his arms because they have been in the same position for so long. It takes more than ten days for the arms to recover.

Torture Method 2: Tied with Ropes

Guards often use this method when interrogating practitioners. Over fifteen minutes of this torture usually disables both arms. When the rope is released, it has to be gradual. If released all at once, it will disable the arms, too. To torture practitioners, this method sometimes is used for more than half an hour.

A 2 m long, 10 mm thick rope and one pair of handcuffs are used in this torture.

The guards first handcuff the practitioner's hands in front of his abdomen. Then they beat the practitioner to the ground, put the rope around his neck and tighten it by making a knot at his back. They then pass the rope around both elbows and make another knot. Two guards each hold either end of the rope and tighten it so that both elbows almost touch each other in the back. The rope cuts deeply into the flesh, blocking blood circulation to the forearms. It is so painful that one has difficulty breathing and begins to sweat immediately.

In order to try to make Qi Wei give in, the guards incited criminal Fang Shifeng to torture him while he was sitting on the stool facing the wall (see above photo). Specifically, he forced Qi Wei to put both legs and feet so tightly together that there was no space in between. Qi Wei had to put both hands on his knees and sit straight without moving. Then Fang Shifeng placed a cup of boiling water on Qi Wei's head so that, with the slightest movement, the cup would fall and the hot water would spill on him. Fang Shifeng also repeatedly beat up, insulted and pinched Qi Wei, causing cuts and bruises all over his body.

The guards also incited Gao Xiang and others to beat up Qi Wei and force him to copy materials that denounced Dafa. They always tortured him at night, in places that no one could see them, from 12:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. when other people were sleeping

List of persons responsible in Tuanhe Labor Camp's Third Brigade:

Former director: He Baojun

Director: Zhao Jiang

Assistant directors: Yin Hongsong, Bai Zhongmin

Guards: Liu Guoxi, Zhou Hongen, Zheng Gang, Hu Deming, Guo Jiangshuang, Wang Chengrui (since transferred to Beijing City labor camp bureau), Zhang Mengkai, Yang Rongjin, Xu Cheng, Yang Qingsong

Other perpetrators: Xu Minghua, Fang Shifeng, Zhang Huilai, Song Qiao, Ling Yan, Yin Guozhe, Chen Weiguo, Gao Xiang, He Yi, Wei Hongtao

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