(Clearwisdom.net) On December 26, 1985, I felt as though a calamity fell from the sky. After I gave birth, I caught a cold and then turned into a "corpse" within one night. I could not even turn my body over by myself. From that time on, I lost all happiness in life.

I visited all the major hospitals to see reputable doctors and to get the best medicine. The amount of medicine that I took was probably as large as I was. I had to spend thousands of yuan every year. My body and mind were miserable beyond description. I could not bend my ankle, I had heart problems, my stomach was in a bad condition, and my complexion was all blue. Due to the excessive use of hormones, I often lost my memory and could not think clearly. I had to isolate myself from the outside world. I had so few chances to talk that I started to stutter while talking. Thinking about it made me feel even more miserable -- when one cannot even move one's hands and feet, what is the meaning of life? I had already lost all hope in life even though I was just a little over 20 years old. Seeking medical treatment was really hopeless, and no medicine seemed to help. Nobody responded to my desperation.

Having seen my hopeless condition, my husband left me. My kind older sister once again gave shelter to me, and she did her best to try to get my illness treated. For so many years, the illness continued to develop. I couldn't even get a few minutes' sleep whenever the pain got worse.

In the mid-1990's, when I was near death, I heard from a friend that Mr. Li Hongzhi was coming to Harbin to teach Falun Gong, and that what he taught was really marvelous. Therefore, I attended Mr. Li's eight-day seminar. Surprisingly miracles began to appear. Master Li pulled me up from the brink of death. My life has changed drastically from that time on. I started to recover from many years of deadly illnesses and the unending pain in my hands and feet were gone. I am now not only able to walk, but am also able to do all the general housework such as wash clothes, cook food etc. The swelling inside my abdomen also disappeared and hence the pain greatly diminished. This reduced a great deal of my medical expenses too. It is Teacher who rescued me; it is Falun Dafa that has given me a new life.