(Clearwisdom.net) Since Jiang Zemin's regime began its persecution of Falun Gong, the First Jail has become the most severe place for persecuting practitioners in Jieyang City. It is infamous in the city for the abuse of practitioners.

In Jieyang Jail, it is a common practice for inmates to beat other inmates under the police's direction. Although the Jieyang District Attorney's Office has an office in the jail, it does nothing to stop this. It even sometimes collaborated with the police in illegal activities.

The jail has both male and female inmates, and usually only male police do patrol duty. While the female prisoners showered or changed clothes, the police would watch from the window above, speaking foul and filthy language.

The most steadfast practitioners were beaten up by the inmates in groups. A lot of the beatings occurred under the coercion of the jail police. Sometimes more than ten people would hit and kick one male practitioner at once. For those who went on a hunger strike, the treatment would be even worse.

Another measure employed by the police is nighttime interrogations, where they subjected the victims to physical violence and intimidation. They did this to practitioner Cai Yonghua, who was later given an illegal prison sentence, as well as other male practitioners including Xie Huiliang, Sun Jiefeng, Wu Kaitao and Hua Huajie.

When female practitioners went on hunger strike, they would face extremely filthy treatment. The police would direct seven to eight male inmates to force the female practitioner on a chair, holding down her hands, feet, and head, and pinch her nose to force feed her. Sometimes they held her on the ground with their feet and force fed her. Meanwhile, with the police supporting their actions, they would take the chance to fondle and grope the female practitioner's body.

Rather than releasing the practitioners during their hunger strike, the jail would aggravate the persecution. Practitioner Huang Sujun died right after being released from jail, where she was tortured nearly to death and then released.

As recognition for their persecution, the jail was commended as a Grade-III Jail. The proclamation plaque still hangs on the gate today.

Jieyang First Jail has now moved to Dongshanwei in Dongshan District. It is temporarily housed in the same compound as the Second Jail. The original location in Yanei of Rongcheng District is now occupied by Zhongshan Police Station of Rongcheng District.