(Clearwisdom.net) Daxing Dispatch Center and Women's Labor Camp in Beijing are concentration camps for destroying the human spirit and abusing the physical body. We Falun Gong practitioners, who aspire to be good people, publicly clarified the truth about the persecution, and were then illegally imprisoned.

Once entering the Dispatch Center, one is immediately surrounded by a group of police dressed in black uniforms. The police push and press the practitioner on the ground using one foot on the back; then equipped with electric and rubber batons, they stand on the sides, shouting and scolding loudly. They force prisoners to hold their heads with both arms (arms behind the lower-back of the head with fingers crisscrossed), arms cannot be held too high or too low, and must be held right behind the back of the head, otherwise the electric batons would fall on the head with a loud crack; with heels clamped together, toes pointed outward, and elbows clamped in between the legs, it is a very uncomfortable position. If the police are unhappy about you or a detainee shows any sign of weakness to go on, punches, kicks, and electric and rubber batons would fall. This is the first round of torture. There are older women, and also 18 to 19-year-olds, who are shaken and confused, crying for their mothers and wanting to go home.

In the dispatch center, one room serves as the bedroom, the conference room, and the working room. There are 12 beds in the room, but 14, 15 and sometimes 17 people sleep in the room. 12 sleep on bunk beds, 4 on the floor, and there's also one guard who watches Falun Gong practitioners. When sound asleep, if Falun Gong practitioners bent their legs, the guard would hit them to wake them up and tell them that they were practicing Falun Gong during sleep.

The forced labor was intensive and there was a quota to meet. They wrapped chopsticks for 17 to 18 hours everyday. They had to complete the quota before they could rest.

They also had to endure police's excessive insults and other criminals' deliberate abuses. For instance, a drug addict ordered a doctor who is also a professor to mop the floor underneath the bed, and then kicked her in the rear for fun. The drug addict Luanli who is the unit leader defecated and urinated in the shared room and ordered the near-sighted, sixty-year-old Guo Shumin to clean up the mess for her.

In the cold of December, they'd assemble people at four or five o'clock in the morning for drills. Some people from other areas did not have heavy, cotton-padded jackets or woolen sweaters and still had to do drills in their light clothing. The uncoordinated movements of the 60 and 70-year-old seniors from mountain regions who had never exercised before were the target of insults and were laughed at. Anyone who showed caring expressions or gestures of assistance would be chewed out by the police and other criminals. Everybody walked silently with lowered heads, hands held in and eyes straight ahead. No one dared to stand at the door or near the window. Everyone was as mechanical as a robot.

34-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner Ma Xiuyun, who refused to sign a "Guarantee Statement" and insisted on continuing cultivation practice, was imprisoned on the second floor of the Women's Unit in the Dispatch Center. She was locked in a warehouse which had no heating facility. With windows wide open she would be tied to a bedpost and/or hung from the bed, bare-footed, with no food or drink and was not permitted to release her bodily waste and was severely beaten. In order to keep her alive, the evil people casually fed her a steamed bun. In order to reform her, they forced her to remain in her soiled underwear. The drug addict said, "This is to wake her up! She cannot stand the smell so she will reform." A week later, they then put her in the bathing room and stripped her for a wash down. Her arms and legs were bright from the swelling and were difficult to move, but they still forced her to do physical labor. The heavy, warm clothes and socks that people gave her to keep warm were taken by the drug addict for her own use. The toothpaste, soap, shampoo, facial tissue, paper and other daily necessities that Falun Gong practitioners brought with them were all taken or robbed by the police and other criminals.

Sun Li of Dalian is 30-something-years-old. She used to be diagnosed with regeneration barrier anemia. After practicing Falun Gong she was cured. Sun Li went to validate Falun Dafa in Beijing, and the police sent her to the dispatch center. The group leader Wang Chao locked her in isolation for a day without reason. Wang Chao kicked and punched Sun Li, denied her of food and water, and made her squat, and used the torture method of "Flying an Airplane" to torture her. He even sexually harassed her by shamelessly touching Sun Li's private parts.

Ma Ziying is a 50-something-year-old practitioner from Beijing. One day she was working in the lobby in the 2nd building. While she was waiting in line for the restroom, police officer Guo Linna suddenly slapped her numerous times, saying that Ma Ziying wasn't looking at the ground, but was looking at her instead.

The police punished Xiong Wei of Haidian, Beijing, with lame excuses and forced her to squat up and down while saying "report, yes, yes" 500 times. She was later transferred to Xinan Labor Camp 4th Group.

In the labor camp, the 4th group leaders Li Jirong and Liu Qinzhen would punish practitioners who kept a handkerchief under their pillow. They would criticize them in group meetings and take off 10 points. If the wash basin wasn't placed the way officer Zhang Shuxian liked it, she would force the practitioner to write a self-critic and to apologize in group meetings.

Liu Guiping is a 30-something-year-old Beijing practitioner. She was exhausted after extremely intensive labor, and was sent to the emergency room. They performed 5 electrocardiograms and other various examinations on her. They gave her medicine and put her on a 2-hour observation. On the 3rd day she was re-examined and was taking 7 to 8 kinds of medicine daily. They were hypertension pills and other pills to treat the heart. That night the prison medical doctor told her that she was going to be fine. Officer Li Ziping (the shift-manager) then said, "The doctor said you are fine, you are pretending to be sick, you have to write me a self-examination." A day later Liu Guiping went back for an examination, did 3 more electrocardiograms, and was taking 7 to 8 kinds of medicine; yet she still participated in laboring, as well as writing the "self-examination" for not being sick.

Those in the camp and center that were over 50-years-old all had various degrees of constipation. It was because of the limited water supply; 7 to 8 practitioners shared only a small pot of water, with 1 or 2 mouthfuls it was gone. Another reason is because of the lack of vegetable intake. The third reason is because they weren't given the time to use the restroom. They had to stand in long lines for the restroom. Oftentimes the police would force them out before they even finished. Another reason is because of stress, causing internal secretion disorder, constipation, loss of hair as well as high blood pressure.

Just in the 4th group 27 to 30 people were taking medication. Some of them would utter words during their sleep. They would give reports as if talking to a superior, cry, curse, criticize others, and sleepwalk during their sleep. This happened everyday.

Zhao Xiaohua is a 30-something-year-old practitioner from Chongwen District, Beijing. She was in the 5th unit, 4th group. She was often beaten during the night; we could hear her cries throughout the halls. Liu Xiuping from the 6th unit is a 30-something-year-old college student from Lanzhou, Gansu. Li Jirong had brutally beaten her in the past. One time officer Zhang Xiaojie cursed Teacher and Liu Xiuping showed displeasure. The unit leader Chen Lili suddenly jumped on her and beat her. Liu Xiuping's face was black and purple, and her body was bruised all over.

The group-assembly in the labor camp was even more vicious. Du Rongfen was steadfast in her practice. She is a 30-something-year-old from Jing County, Hebei Province. Because she shouted "Falun Dafa is great," Chai Guo and other male guards beat her with electric batons in the group-assembly. Du Rongfen's screams made listeners throw up, urinate in their pants and shudder. They put Du Rongfen in isolation for over 10 days and didn't allow other practitioners to come into contact with her.

There are too many examples and we can't mention them all. We can only disclose some of them to shed light on the truth of the Jiang regime's persecution of Falun Gong.