The Brutality of Police Officers Hou Dajian and Sun Hongli in Anping County, Hebei Province (Photos)

October 07, 2004

( Some officials in Anping County, Hebei Province, followed Jiang's Regime closely in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Since July 20, 1999, nearly a thousand families in the county have suffered all kinds of abuses: hundreds of practitioners have been arrested, sentenced, sent to forced labor camps, brainwashed, and otherwise mentally abused or physically tortured. Some officials also extorted money from practitioners and their families. According to incomplete statistics, as of January 2004 more than 60 families in the county were either fined or had extorted from them a total of over 203,700 yuan. The Clearwisdom website has reported details of some of these incidents. Among the officials that brutally tortured the incarcerated practitioners are Anping County's Police Department Political and Security Sector head Hou Dajian and Anping County's Detention Center administrator Sun Hongli. They are the most vicious ones.

Hou Dajian organized several sorties to arrest practitioners. He was rewarded by his superiors for his active participation in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Every time he arrested practitioners, he would body-search them, both males and females. If he could not find much cash on a practitioner, he would get very angry and start beating the male practitioner or verbally abusing the woman practitioner. Hou often extorted money from practitioners' family members. The highest "fine" he ever levied was 18,000 yuan, which caused the families and the practitioners significant mental and financial hardship.

Anping County Detention Center administrator Sun Hongli designated certain rooms in the center to torture practitioners. He also instructed other criminals to torture practitioners cruelly and force fed practitioners who were on hunger strikes. Below is a description of the tortures one practitioner experienced in Anping County Detention Center.

Feet Burned by Strong Alkali; Force Fed highly concentrated salt solutions

I started practicing Falun Gong in 1997. In 2002, I was arrested and sent to the Anping County Detention Center where I was subjected to vicious tortures. Police Hou Dajian from the Anping County Police Department's Political and Security Sector instructed several guards to drag me into a dark room and put me in handcuffs. They fastened me to the ground and whipped my legs with finger-sized sticks. Every stroke left me with a black bruise. They whipped me until they were too tired to continue.

Several days later they dragged me into a room with a large metal chair. They tied me to the chair and started beating my legs, feet and toes with arm-sized wooden sticks. They beat me so hard that the sticks broke into pieces so short that they could not even hold onto them any more. Later, police officers kicked my ankles and legs with leather boots and stepped on my toes as hard as they could.

The bruises from earlier tortures had not yet disappeared, but center administrator Sun Hongli again ordered the guards to tie me up onto the metal chair. This time they instructed other criminals to hit my chest with their fists and elbows continuously for an hour. In the process I kept telling them the truth about Falun Gong, telling them all practitioners are good people and they should not treat good people like this.

I went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal imprisonment and persecution. On the sixth day of my hunger strike they started brutal force-feeding. Seven or eight people pushed me down to the ground and tried to insert tubes into my nose. I did not cooperate. They injured my nose and throat and made them bleed but failed in the force-feeding. Later they found two experienced people to again try to force feed me, but they also failed. The force-feeding procedure was extremely painful. Later they tried to give me intravenous infusions, but they could not find any vein in my arms or legs. Finally they forced the needle in, but I did not corporate and pulled the needle out. I am a good person, not a criminal! They should not have imprisoned and tortured me like this.

On the eleventh day of my hunger strike, Sun Hongli and the guards carried me to an empty warehouse, where I was tied to a bench. Sun instructed criminals to take off my shoes and socks and then brush a strong alkali compound on the bottoms of my feet. Such alkali could easily burn through skin. After a while they let a criminal named Zhigang burn the arch of my feet with a cigarette lighter for about half an hour, which left two date-sized blisters on the bottoms of my feet. They also force fed me highly concentrated salt solutions, leaving my mouth full of salt.

The unendurable pain and suffering I experienced is really hard to describe. These atrocities against me were all carried out under Sun Hongli's instructions. During the whole process he kept yelling, "This is the punishment for not eating. If you die I will cremate you immediately."

High Resolution Picture
Brushing a strong alkali compound onto the bottoms of the feet
High Resolution Picture
Burning the feet with a cigarette lighter

The above are representative illustrations, not actual photos

Anping Detention Center: 86-318-7524363. Director: Sun Hongli

Anping County Police Department: 86-318-7524205, 86-318-7524270, 86-318-5254652

Political and Security Sector Director Hou Dajian (from Anping County's Qianliuying Village) 86-137-03182638 (cell), 86-318-7526826 (home)

Yang Shushan, Hengshui City's "610 Office" head, currently living in Anping County

Du Jianping, on Hengshui City's "610 Office" staff, currently living in Anping County

Zhang Yi, Anping County's "610 Office" head

Wu Zhengxiang, from Anping County's Nanzhuan Huotou Village, chairman of the Political and Security Section: 86-137-03182885 (cell), 86-318-7267781 (home)

Jiao Chunling, female, Deputy Chief of the County's Police Department in charge of Falun Gong: 86-139-03183678(cell), 86-318-7526826 (home)

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