To Yunnan Province People's Procuratorate:

I am Ms. Zhang Jufang's husband, Tang Zesheng. I am here to plead for justice to be served in regards to my wife.

My wife Zhang Jufang is 53 years old and once worked at Kunming City Qianjin Wooden Furniture Plant but has now retired.

On the afternoon of July 22nd, 1999 (just after Falun Gong had been outlawed in China on July 20th) my wife went to the municipal government office to help the government come to see that those who practice Falun Gong are innocent and that Falun Gong teaches people to be good. In less than half an hour, many police officers arrived and abducted her together with some other Falun Gong practitioners that had gone to peacefully appeal. They forced them into a large bus which was driven to the Xishan Region Number One Middle School. After being detained and interrogated, they were then sent to the Panlong Training School where they were repeatedly subjected to mental and physical abuse. They were finally allowed to return home after midnight. On July 23rd, Chinese Central Television station (CCTV) began broadcasting slander, fabricated lies, and rumors about Falun Gong.

At about 10 a.m. on October 28th of 1999, police officers from the Wuhua Branch searched our home and then confiscated Falun Dafa books and exercise tapes. They also arrested my wife and detained her at the Wuhua Branch where she was interrogated until eight o'clock that night. Some time after nine the next evening, some police officers from the local Household Registration Section and members of the Residents Committee came to our house to tell my wife that she was prohibited from practicing Falun Gong. My wife told them that she would continue her cultivation for the rest of her life as it is such a good practice. Upon hearing this they were very angry. That night, my wife was arrested and taken to the Taihe Police Station where she was detained for forty-eight hours. The Section leader of the Security Section at my wife's work unit was assigned to stand as guarantor for her release. My son and I had to guarantee that she would not leave home. At about 2 p.m. on October 30, a group of people claiming to be regional leader, center chief, and so on came to our house and then ordered a police officer to stand guard until midnight. On October 31, the Residents Committee and the officers from the Security Section at my wife's work unit were ordered to survey her for a week. Only after the officers from the Panlong Region had interrogated her did they cancel the surveillance.

At around 2 p.m. on December 22nd, 1999, my wife was suddenly arrested at her friend's home and taken to the police station. After suffering much mental and physical abuse she was sent to the Panlong Number One Detention Center sometime after 1 a.m. After five months of detention there, she was transferred to the Women's Forced Labor Camp, Yunnan Province, for two years of detention.

I asked the police officers at the Panlong Branch Police Station why people weren't allowed to practice Falun Gong. I told them that Falun Gong abides by the principles of Zhen, Shan, and Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance), and teaches people to be good. I also mentioned that my wife was arrested at her friend's house on the grounds that she had violated public order. What public order had she violated? What had she done to violate the public order? I told them that it is against the principles of Heaven to treat her in such a manner. The police officers at Panlong Branch replied that if I refused to accept the explanation, I could appeal to Kunming City's Labor Education Committee. I located the Labor Education Committee in Kunming City, and asked them where my wife was being detained. They informed me that if I was not happy with her sentence, I could appeal for reconsideration. I told them that if this were a place with justice, my wife would not have been arrested in the first place, where else could I go to appeal? No one there could provide an answer.

On May 15, 2000, my wife was sent to the First Brigade of the Yunnan Women's Forced Labor Camp. Upon entering the door, my wife was kicked by a camp policeman with his heavy boot. When the police officers from the Camp came to our house, I said that they had broken up a happy family and had made false charges against us. I told them that my wife was innocent and hadn't commit any crime.

On May 24, 2001, Deputy Director Wei and Section Leader Yang of Yunnan Province's Female Forced Labor Camp along with the officer from the Security Section of my wife's work unit sent my wife to several brainwashing sessions. They tried to "transform" her [to force her give up the practice and denounce Falun Gong]. My wife already believed in Truthfulness -- Compassion - Forbearance, what other transformation did they require?

If they intended to transform her to the side of Falsification, Badness, Fighting, and Corruption, then it would be impossible as it is too evil.

On July 28, 2001, my wife wrote a letter to Section Leader Yang, of the Yunnan Female Forced Labor Camp. In the letter she explicitly mentioned that to believe in Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance was not wrong and that she would never abandon the practice of Falun Gong.

One morning in March of 2003, while my wife was distributing Falun Gong informational materials at the Ma-Village food market, a local public security officer handcuffed her and escorted her home to search the house. The Dafa materials, Falun Gong tapes, and her tape recorder were confiscated and my wife was taken to the Guandu public security branch office. Later they sent her to the Kunming City Number One Detention Center for one and a half months.

On May 9, 2003, the police from Guandu Branch sent my wife to the Yunnan Province Female Forced Labor Camp. During her medical examination, it was discovered that her temperature was 37.5oC [~99.5oF]. As it was during the time of the SARS epidemic, the Camp refused to accept her. Several police officers sent her home.

On July 13, 2004, at sometime past 5 PM my wife was snatched whilst she was on the bank of Panlong River by the Kunming Guandu public security branch. They rushed her to the Female Forced Labor Camp that night. The next day I found a paper slip on my house door notifying me to go to Ma-Village police station to pick up my wife's personal belongings such as her keys. At the police station, they asked me to call the Guandu "610 Office." Over the phone, the "610 Office" personnel told me to send clothes for my wife. I asked them what she had been arrested for. They said that it was only because of last year's SARS that her release was delayed until next May. On July 20th, I went to the Camp to see my wife but they refused my right to visit her by claiming that she was under "Strict Control." Later on August 20th, under the watch of the camp police, I met my wife for ten minutes.

The police can arbitrarily arrest such a law abiding citizen. The human rights have been trampled on to such a degree. Thus, I demand the following:

  1. Investigate the criminal acts of Guandu public security branch office in their unlawful arrests, violating and blatantly disregarding human rights, whilst also telling them to immediately set my innocent wife free.
  2. Investigate the criminal acts of Wuhua public security branch office in their unlawful house-searching, illegal interrogations and the unlawful detainment of an innocent citizen. Return all the unlawful confiscated Falun Dafa related items and openly offer an apology.
  3. Investigate and charge those involved at the Panlong public security branch office for their breach of responsibilities.
  4. Investigate the Guandu area "610 Office" personnel for their abuse of power.
  5. Copies of this plea have also been sent to the following places:

Guandu Public Security Branch Bureau,

Wuhua Public Security Branch Bureau,

Guandu "610 Office", Ma-Village Police Station,

Yunnan Province's Women's Forced Labor Camp,

Taihe Police Station,

Panlong No. One Detention Center,

Kunming City Qianjin Wooden Furniture Plant,

Kunming No. One Detention Center,

Kunming City's Labor Education Committee.


Tang Zesheng