(Clearwsidom.net) To make my efforts to offer salvation to people in the remote areas who have been cheated by the lies about Falun Gong in China more effective, I bought an atlas from a bookstore. It has accompanied me for a long time, but it is always reminding me of my duty and my meaning of existence in the world.

The sources of Dafa materials in our local area have never been out of order. Many fellow practitioners distribute materials to neighboring areas. However, very few of us have ever placed any thought on going to the countryside to distribute Dafa materials. Of course, there are a lot of difficulties in reaching people in remote areas. These include inconvenient traffic, unfamiliar situations, no settlements and dogs who bark at strangers. Anyway, we failed to even try to attempt this venture.

However, I cared about this matter, so I set up a materials production site which targets the remote areas and the areas where we have never gotten to before. Therefore, I bought this atlas, in which there are detailed maps of all the counties, towns and villages in my area. I tried to cover these towns and villages on the map one by one and bit by bit.

I became full of anxiety each time I read the atlas, because there are so many places in the atlas, and therefore so many people who have not learned the truth. I felt I could not neglect this situation. Thus I went forward step by step and there are still so many remote spots left untouched, although I have covered a large portion of them. Whenever I looked at these places, I asked myself with anxiety, "How can I do better?"

Due to the limited resources, I had to rely on my feet or a bike to go to these uncharted places one after another. For the relatively easy places, I asked older fellow practitioners to help me. Each time, we needed to walk for a whole night, and our feet were full of blisters. To the further places I needed to ride for hundreds of kilometers on my bike. On the way I slept by the foot of hills, riversides or in farmers' fields, and walked along wild paths without seeing anyone for many days. Although feelings of insecurity emerged from time to time, I still encouraged myself to move on with righteous thought and concern for the people in the so many untouched places in the atlas.

In the recent article "Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People," Master seriously told us the importance of saving people. Reading the article, some practitioners had the first reaction of happiness----the persecution finally will come to an end (they just thought about themselves without a care for all the sentient beings). To some other practitioners, the feeling is miserable because there are still so many people in the remote places who do not know the truth about us.

A process to place the position of sentient beings in the cosmos is taking place now. Choosing between good and evil will decide the position of a being. However, as this opportunity passes by, there are still so many who know nothing about the truth of Falun Dafa. No one tells them the true situation or gives them truth-clarifying materials so that they can judge what is good or evil with their own rationality. To this end should we not try to give as many of them as possible an opportunity to choose their future with their own thoughts and deeds?

Our clarifying the truth to them is to give them this opportunity, to let them have a fair chance to decide their future. Fellow practitioners please hurry up and take action for the countless beings awaiting your salvation.