(Clearwisdom.net) Thirty-eight-year-old Mr. Li Wenjun is a Falun Dafa practitioner in Gaoxin District, Jilin City, Jilin Province. On March 17, 2004, Li was arrested by the police in Weichang Police Station (under Changyi District Police Department in Jilin City). The next day, the persecutors sent Li to the No. 3 Detention Center of Jilin City. When Li's family members asked the detention center guards why Li was jailed, they said, "Only because he practices Falun Gong."

Since June 10, 2004, almost 100 days now, Li Wenjun has been on a hunger strike. On July 8, Li's family members were allowed to see him after they strongly requested a visit. After that, all requests to visit him have been denied by the persecutors who want to cover up their crimes.

On July 19, Li's family members went to the detention center, asking to see Li and to seek his release. Guard Zheng Hailing refused their request. The family members then told Zheng that they would appeal the case at the Provincial Forced Labor Bureau. Zheng said, "We won't release him no matter where you are going to appeal." On August 17, one of Li's relatives went to visit him at the detention center. Since the relative does not practice Falun Gong, he/she was allowed to see Li. After the visit, the relative said that Li was very weak and emaciated.

According to information from an insider, Li Wenjun is currently detained by the "Strict Control Team," where he is force-fed every day. On May 13, 2004, a "Strict Control Team" was formed in the forced labor camp to detain practitioners who refused to renounce their belief. Under control of the "Strict Control Team," each practitioner is detained in a separate room where they are forced to sit absolutely still on a bench from 4:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. every day. Each practitioner is monitored by two inmates and even using the restrooms is strictly controlled. Any disobedience from the practitioner will result in handcuffing. The extended "sitting torture" has caused some practitioners' buttocks and anklebones to fester.

Li Wenjun used to work at Jilin Light-Weight Vehicle Plant. In 1999, the Gaoxin District Police Department in Jilin City sentenced him to 2 years of forced labor for appealing in Beijing. Li was then detained in Jilin City Forced Labor Camp. During his detention, Li was tortured many times by the guards and inmates for refusing to give up Falun Dafa, yet he never weakened his determination. In March 2001, the persecutors transferred Li to Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp in Jilin Province, where Li continued to uphold his belief and never compromised with the persecutors. Later on, Li Wenjun was released without being "reformed." Currently, however, Li is again unlawfully detained.

Jiutai Forced Labor Camp:

Director: 86-431-2511058

Examination Office: 86-431-2511261

Controlling Section: 86-431-2511834