(Clearwisdom.net) Just because I wrote, "I want to practice Falun Gong," I was subjected to a forced abortion that ended an innocent four-month-old life.

My name is Luo Biqiong. I am thirty-six years old, and I used to live in a silk factory dormitory located at No. 52 Liuerqiao Street, Yingshan County, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province. I was fortunate to learn about Falun Dafa in April of 1999. I used to suffer from many illnesses such as hereditary tracheitis, gastroenteritis, hemorrhoids, pharyngitis, rheumatic arthritis, and gynecological problems. After practicing the Falun Gong exercises for just three days, all my illnesses were gone, and my irritable temperament went away as well.

On July 20, 1999, Jiang Zemin initiated the persecution of Falun Gong.

On April 20, 2000, I went to Beijing to appeal to the government on behalf of Falun Gong. As I arrived at Tiananmen Square, the police asked me whether I was a Falun Gong practitioner. When I answered, "Yes," I was immediately taken to a waiting police vehicle and detained in a police station located on the right side of Tiananmen Square. After they found out where I was from, I was taken to the local office of Nanchong City. The secretary of Nanchong City government's Beijing office, Luo, and police officers took me to the Guangan Rail Station and transferred me to the joint custody of Yingshan County Public Security, Langchi County Police Station, my street office, and my residence committee. I was brought to the Langchi Police Station in Yingshan County and detained there for interrogation for one day. Later, they claimed I had been "disturbing the social order" and detained me for fifteen days. Public Security Chief Zhou Yuping approved the charge.

From then on, I was monitored and harassed continuously. My family members were also living in terror. It was impossible to live a normal life.

I was under constant surveillance, my household items were confiscated, and I was arrested, threatened, and insulted many times. There were always more than eight people involved in these types of activities.

One night about 10 p.m., in mid-June of 2000, a group of people broke into my home. They searched my household, even turning over mattresses, and took away a copy of Essentials for Further Advancement, a collection of articles written by Teacher, and three exercise tapes. They arrested me for "disturbing the social order" and detained me for fourteen days.

While I was asleep at 11:30 p.m. on July 13, 2000, Li Zhaoxia and a person with the last name of Deng, lead by Yang Qiang, arrested me without even allowing me to change my clothes or put on shoes. This happened while my husband was working at his night shift. Seeing me being arrested, my five-year-old child was frightened and crying. My neighbor took my child to her home. My neighbors knew I was a good, upstanding neighbor, and scolded my abductors for what they were doing.

The following day I was taken to a brainwashing class held in a small conference room in the Langchi County government office. There were nine Dafa practitioners and more than thirty government personnel surrounding us to conduct the brainwashing. They tried to force us to write a "Guarantee Statement" and a "Repentance Statement," and they wanted us to pay 1,000 yuan (1) for travel expenses to Beijing and 500 yuan for a guarantee. I refused to cooperate with them or give up my practice. They forced us to pay a "class" fee of 30 yuan for the first day and 50 yuan for the second day. Police guarded the door. Since they didn't get what they wanted, they again used the excuse that I was "disturbing the social order" and again imprisoned me for fifteen days.

In mid-August of 2000, the Langchi County Police Station summoned me to report to the Langchi government office. I didn't go. Four policemen, led by Li Yunbo, arrested me and took me to a guarded room at the police station. I was then taken to a brainwashing class held in the Langchi County Street Office conference room. Surrounded by Li Renchang, Zhang Quanhui, Li Chaoxia, Hu Fayang, Yan Yunbiao, Wu Xiaoqin, Wen, and Wen Lihua, and Chen Xiangshun, and others, I was forced to listen to their slanderous remarks about Falun Dafa, as they tried to force me to write the "Three Statements," to pay for their travel expenses to Beijing, and to pay a "learning fee" of 30 yuan and 50 yuan for the first and second days. Hu Fayang said, "We as the local government can set local policy as we see fit. We can do anything to you we wish. What we say here is all that counts."

After the twelfth day, they still hadn't gotten me to renounce Falun Dafa, and I was sent back to the police station. They found people from the Residence Committee to provide false statements against me. In order to sentence me, Deng Yanlin told Ren Xizhen to write a false statement that he saw me doing the Falun Dafa exercises outdoors. Unwilling to go against his conscience, Ren Xizhen refused to collaborate with them.

Once, at about ten o'clock in the evening, a dozen people came to my home. Among them, an elderly man admonished our Teacher. As he walked out of the front yard, he fell into a dirty ditch and injured his collarbone. He got his retribution right away. There was another time at about 11 p.m., when seven or eight people, including Li Ping and Yang Qiang, the deputy county supervisor, took me to a car waiting outside. As Li Ping called out my name, it thundered above his head. After just a few minutes, they released me.

On December 24, 2000, three of us in my family went to my in-law's home to celebrate the New Year. At eleven o'clock, while I was sleeping, Li Wusheng (who has since died in an auto accident) brought with him a dozen police officers from the Lushui Police Station to arrest me. Li Bo lied to my family, saying they only wanted to talk to me and that they'd release me the following day. As I arrived at the police station, I saw all the other practitioners who had been to Beijing to appeal had been arrested. The police said, "We'll have a quiet time for the New Year."

On the following day, I was once again charged for "disturbing the social order" and imprisoned for fifteen days. After fifteen days, they sent me to a brainwashing class held in a conference room of the Langchi County Street Office. On the first day, they sent for Yingshan TV Station to take pictures. They tried to force me to face the camera and to say things slandering our Teacher and to say I would give up practicing Falun Gong and break off with Falun Gong. They wanted me to write a "Guarantee Statement" and to obtain a Guarantee Statement from my family, and they also wanted me to pay 1,000 yuan to guarantee that I wouldn't practice Falun Gong. I refused all their unreasonable demands.

There were more than one hundred and forty people involved in persecuting and trying to brainwash us. Deng Yanlin, the Langchi County Secretary, said, "Since you are making me look bad, see what I'll do to you." The division chief of the Nanchong Political Division said, "If you don't cooperate and say you are giving up the practice, and you won't write the 'Guarantee Statement,' I'll have you sentenced." He was so angry that he clenched his fists very tightly and his face was distorted.

At 2 p.m., Yang Qiang, Deng Jianhua, Li Bo, Li Chaoxia, and Li Wusheng took me to a small room and told Chuang Weiban and five other people to take turns beating me. They asked me repeatedly whether or not I would continue to practice Falun Gong. They said if I continued, I'd be sentenced to prison; if not, then I had to write a "Guarantee Statement." I kept quiet so they continued to beat me without stopping. They used their heavy boots to kick my thighs, my stomach, and my back. They then forced me to kneel down on the ground and used the heel of their shoes to kick my legs, intending to break my legs. They hit my face, hands, and head. I was four months pregnant at the time, and my whole body was cut and bruised, my mouth was filled with blood, my head and my hands were swollen, and both my legs turned purple. I couldn't control my urination, and then had a uterine hemorrhage. They would neither let me go free nor allow me a change of clothes. A practitioner who helped me to wash my slacks was taken to a brainwashing class by Li Renchang, Secretary of the Street Office.

The authorities continued to persecute me. A week later, I gave in and wrote a "Guarantee Statement." Li Chaoxia and another person with the last name of Guo took me home. They tried to make my husband pay 1,000 yuan. When they found out we had no money, they left. On the following day, I realized that I shouldn't have written the "Guarantee Statement," so I went to the government office and wrote a statement that I would continue to practice Falun Gong. After they sent my statement to their leaders, several people came over and grabbed hold of me and forcibly performed an abortion on my unborn child. A four-month-old life was killed! After 20 days, the Langchi police came to my home intending to arrest me, but by then I had already been away from home for seventeen days to avoid recapture.

I am still destitute and homeless today. Yang Qiang and Deng Jianhua went to my house three times to harass my family and confiscated a copy of Zhuan Falun (2). Luo Yongzhi has been to my house frequently looking for me.

Below are the names of the people involved in persecuting me (some of them have been relocated):

"610 Office" Special Team in Langchi County People's Government Office

"610 Office" Chief Zhang Yumin

"610 Office" group leaders: Yang Yuqiang and Deng Jianhua

Government personnel: Yan Yunbiao, Li Bo, Hu Fayang and his son, and Zhang Quanhui, who has written material slandering Falun Dafa

Street Office: Li Renchang (secretary), Li Zhaoxia and Wu Xiaoqin

Residence Committee: Jiang Mingshan, Zheng Yaojie, Long Yunbi, person with the last name of Wang, and Wen Lihua

Langchi Police Station: Ye Yong (chief), Li Yunbo (in charge of arrests and detention procedures), two people with the last names of Cao and Li, Guo Jianmin, and Luo Yongzhi

County Party Committee Secretary Yang Yupei

Political and Law Committee Secretaries Luo Lanbo and Wu Bingquan

Public Security Bureau Chief Zhou Yuping

Langchi County Secretary Deng Yanlin


(1) Yuan is the unit of currency in China; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

(2) The book, Zhuan Falun, comprises the principal teachings of Falun Dafa.