(Clearwisdom.net) The authorities at Shaanxi Province Women's Labor Camp laced the food of Falun Dafa practitioners Liu Chenxia and Fan Shuilian with drugs. Ms. Liu and Ms. Fan refused to eat upon realizing this. Thus, the labor camp said they had mental problems. Ms. Liu Chunxia refused to "be transformed" (1) after she was sent to the camp. Li Cailian, a prison guard, used a baton to beat her. Her hip was covered with black bruises. Later, she suffered from extremely severe mental pressure. She was eventually tortured until she became mentally imbalanced was sent home in February 2004. The local authorities then sent her to a mental hospital, where she remains.

In June and July of 2003, Shaanxi Province Women's Labor Camp authorities forced Falun Dafa practitioners to manufacture metal nutcrackers. The practitioners were exposed to toxic fumes in the process. In the summer, about 60 people were packed into a 300 square foot room. The highly toxic fumes caused six Falun Dafa practitioners, including Yang Xiulian, Tang Jinyu and Xu Huifang, to vomit.

Since September 2004, Shaanxi Province Women's Labor Camp has tried all means to "transform" Falun Dafa practitioners, including mental coercion and physical torture. Steadfast practitioners are all rounded up in the South Building. Each practitioner is monitored by two prison guards around the clock. They are suffering greatly from the highly intensive mental torture.

(1) Being "transformed" refers to a practitioner renouncing Falun Dafa under extreme mental and physical pressure.