(Clearwisdom.Net) A female practitioner in Jilin Province was arrested while posting truth-clarifying materials. The local police alleged that she was a Falun Gong group coordinator and broadcasted her name on the local TV station.

Her husband, who was not a practitioner, was deceived by their lies before and reported his wife to the police. After she came back home from a labor camp, she continued to clarify the truth to her husband with a compassionate heart. Finally he understood the true situation and told others about the facts whenever the chance arose.

The next time this practitioner was arrested, her husband immediately went to the police station to ask for her release. However, he was beaten up by the director of the police station and even his 19-month-old baby was roughed up. After local practitioners found out about this, they helped by sending information to the Clearwisdom website to expose these evil actions, and told the local people about it as well. The practitioner was later sentenced to one year of forced labor.

Next, her husband went to the police station, the district's Political Judiciary Committee, People's Representative Committee and other places to complain about the director's conduct in arresting his wife for no reason, illegally ransacking their home, and beating up his baby and himself. During this process, due to collusion between some of the officials and the police director, he was followed and threatened by people from the District Political Judiciary Committee.

Instead of losing his confidence, he continued to appeal to the People's Representative Committee. One upright leader from the Committee became indignant after hearing of his experiences and immediately called the director of the police station to express concern. The director begged the husband to return and talk about the situation. When the husband arrived, the director invited him to dinner in a restaurant.

The director knew that this was not over yet, so he tried different ways of winning him over and preventing him from continuing his accusations. Next, the director invited him to the station to treat him to a meal of dumplings and gave him 50 yuan for living expenses. He also promised to release his wife from the labor camp ahead of time.

A few days later when the husband's utility bills were due, the police gave him an exemption statement that provided proof of his family's difficult financial situation.

Some time later the director told him, "This time I really did something stupid. I don't know who sent information about this to the Clearwisdom website, but Falun Gong practitioners from over 10 countries have called me. Please don't accuse me any further on that website."

October 15, 2004