(Clearwisdom.net) I had the enormous good fortune to attend Teacher's Falun Dafa lectures and exercise classes starting July 16, 1993 held in the Electricity Union's Culture Museum in Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province. I also attended Teacher's lecture before the class and learned that the reason I had practiced other qigong for many years was to prepare my mind to be able to understand and accept Falun Dafa and then to start my cultivation practice in Falun Dafa.

At first, there were not many people attending the class, but the number of students increased each day. All of the additional students were drawn to the class by word of mouth. Even on the fifth day of the class, there were many new students. Teacher looked like a young man in his 20's at the time, yet appeared to be incredibly composed, kind, and respectable. Throughout the class I sat in the first row. I had a tough time learning the third exercise (Penetrating the Two Cosmic Extremes) because I had poor hand coordination. When Teacher noticed my problem, he stepped down from the podium and put his hands over mine to teach me the exercises. Teacher was such a kind man, I thought.

When the class was coming to an end, every student wrote an experience report. I knew I had benefited enormously from Teacher. For example, two days before the class began, I saw a Falun continuously rotating right in front of me at home. I didn't understand the meaning of it until the question and answer session following the class. Teacher explained that he had sent out many Falun on his way to Qiqihar to help people with predestined relationships to attend the Falun Dafa lectures. I had attended many types of qigong classes in the past for which I paid a lot of tuition, but I did not learn anything at all. In contrast, Falun Dafa's lectures and exercise classes were inexpensive and affordable, but offered many days of class. I felt from the bottom of my heart that Teacher really came to Qiqihar to teach us Falun Dafa and not to make a profit. After the class, I ran into Teacher in the corridor outside the auditorium, and I handed my experience report to Teacher respectfully with both hands.

The weather in northeastern China at the end of July was very dry and warm. Teacher did not ask for anything to drink. Every day Teacher brought his own water to class, and he brought only one cup of water. My honorable and respectable Teacher!

The last class ended around 8:30 p.m. The students did not want to leave. They followed Teacher closely, all the way to the door, asking him for his autograph. It was raining outside. Teacher had to stand at the door and give autographs under the dim streetlight. Because there were so many students asking for Teacher's signature, the Falun Gong practitioners accompanying Teacher called out loudly, "Teacher has to catch a ride to hurry to another place. Please make way for Teacher." None of us knew at the time that a van was waiting for Teacher to drive him to Beijing for the next Falun Dafa lecture class starting on July 25 at the Public Security Auditorium with more than 2,000 students. Each time I remember this moment, I cannot help crying. I am immensely touched and thankful to Teacher for the difficulties he endured and overcame in order to teach us Falun Dafa.