(Clearwisdom.net) The Clearwisdom website has published detailed revelations of torture methods Dafa practitioners have endured, but there is one type of torture which had not yet been disclosed on the web. This tactic was invented by police from the Xigang Branch of the Dalian City Public Security Bureau. They force a person to kneel on a plank, roughly one meter long and five centimeters thick, and then place a wooden rod, about a meter long and four centimeters in diameter, across the ankles. Two people then step on either side of the rod to press it down. Though only two ordinary pieces of wood are used, the ability of this tactic to cause severe injury is far more potent than many other methods of torture.

The police from the Xigang Branch typically direct the security guards to torture Dafa practitioners at night in a secret chamber using this method. A twenty-one year old Dafa practitioner suffered this type of torture for refusing to reveal his name. This practitioner was sentenced to jail afterwards, and is still suffering in the prison.

The Xigang Branch's political and economical security division specializes in persecuting Dafa practitioners. They once subjected an elderly practitioner surnamed Yang to the abovementioned torture for an entire night, causing him to have swollen knees and vomit blood the next day. To extract information out of an elderly female practitioner, the policemen did not allow her to close her eyes for seventy-two hours. Veteran practitioner Zeng Xianmei from Lushun City, Liaoning Province, died of persecution in this division.

Gao Yingzhong, a thirty-three-year-old male, is one of the most active persecutors of Falun Dafa practitioners. Even before July 20, 1999, when the persecution of Falun Dafa began, he went to different practice sites and harassed the practitioners. One morning he dispersed a group of people at a practice site where everyone was watching Teacher's nine-day lecture series. On July 20th, he was arresting practitioners at the People's Square and showing off, "Do you know who smashed Chen Shuchan's teeth out?" He then excitedly described how he beat Chen. (At the time, Chen was a volunteer coordinator of the practitioners at People's Square).

Gao Yingzhong beat practitioners and ransacked their houses. Early in 2002, Gao was assigned to Dalian City's First Police Department as a specialist in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Up to now he has expressed no regrets about what he has done.

Zhang Lisong, over fifty, did many evil things behind the scenes, locking up and holding practitioners for ransom. He has committed serious crimes against Falun Dafa.

Wang Liangyu , over 40, holds the position of department head and sentences practitioners to labor camps. He was directly responsible for Zeng Xianmei's death. He has now been re-assigned.

Li Tijian, age 45, used to be the deputy head of the political and economic security department. He is doing his utmost to persecute Dafa practitioners. He has received tribulations.

The police at the Xigang Branch of the Dalian City Public Security Bureau have committed serious crimes in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. We hope more practitioners will expose their crimes on the Internet.