(Clearwisdom.net) Zhang Bolin is the team leader of the National Security Team of the Panzhihua City Public Security Bureau. He beat up most of the Falun Gong practitioners who were arrested. He used very ruthless tactics. Many practitioners that he beat up went into shock. He tortured a female practitioner, Luo Junling of Huili County, many times at Qinyuan Villa located at Wushiyi Gongli, Panzhihua City.

In November 2002, Zhang Bolin took Luo Junling at night many times to a torture location that they had secretly set up at Qiyuan Villa. They hung her up and beat her until she was black and blue. They used a lighter to burn her palms and the arches of her feet, they used a tree branch to jab the acupuncture points on her face, and they used a stool with metal legs to hit her until the stool broke into pieces. Then they put a stool with metal legs over her head. They used all kinds of cruel tortures. Luo Junling passed out many times, and cold water was used to revive her. Luo Junling almost became comatose. A doctor hurriedly rushed her for a check up before they sent her back to the labor camp. At the labor camp, Luo Junling was tortured so that she could hardly walk. She was completely black and blue and had a dull look in her eyes. Afraid of shouldering the responsibility for her condition, the labor camp dared not keep her. Since she had been hung up for a prolonged period, Luo Junling's hands were still cold and numb half a year later.

Zhang Boling also extorted money from other practitioners. He ordered his subordinates to monitor and follow practitioners. Zhang Boling is actively persecuting Xu Langzhou. The crimes that he has committed in torturing practitioners are too numerous to record.

Qiu Tianming is from the National Security Team of the City Public Security Bureau. He beat up and physically tortured several female practitioners. He illegally searched practitioners' homes on many occasions. He extorted confessions from practitioners by torturing them. He bellowed, "I have beaten up over 70 Falun Gong practitioners and I still haven't receive any retribution." His crimes against practitioners are countless.

Qin Gang is also from the National Security Team of the City Public Security Bureau. On numerous occasions, he has viciously beaten and extorted money from practitioners. He is very obscene and shameless. At 2:00 p.m. on October 23, 2001, Qin Gang and another policeman Yuan Bin viciously beat up a young female practitioner Duan Xiaoling inside the Yanbianxin County Labor Camp. He also grabbed Duan's breast when she was unconscious.

Cui Fuli, a policeman from the National Security Team of the Renhe Public Security Sub-Bureau, viciously beat practitioners numerous times. He has also searched and arrested practitioners many times. He is responsible for the arrest of Chen Heqiong.

Qi Li is also from the National Security Team of the City Public Security Bureau. Between 2000 and 2001, she cruelly tortured practitioners many times. On December 28, 2001, when she was torturing the practitioners at Yanbianxin County Labor Camp, she viciously yelled, "I will beat you to death and pour gasoline over you so people will think that you set yourself on fire.

Hu Xiaochuan comes from the Branch Team of the City Surveillance Team at Wanyaoshu Detention Center. She treats practitioners with extreme cruelty. She has beaten up, force-fed, physically punished and tortured practitioners many times. She tortured a majority of the practitioners who were illegally detained at the labor camp. On July 24, 2000, Hu Xiaochuan viciously beat up nine elderly practitioners. She put three of them in handcuffs and shackles (each pair weighing over 38 kilograms) and forced them to run on the playground for over two hours under the burning sun. The next day, Hu Xiaochuan still harassed the prisoners. She seized the three practitioners and pried their mouths open to force-feed them. One practitioner lost two teeth and bled heavily.

Xie Daoquan is a standing member of the municipal Party committee, the Secretary General of the city's Political and Judicial Committee, and also the director of the city "610 Office." Peng Weibin is a standing Deputy Secretary General of the city's Political and Judicial Committee and also the deputy director of the city "610 Office." These are the two officials behind the scenes of the persecution of Falun Gong in Panzhihua City. All the large-scale activities in persecuting Falun Gong were planned and directed by them. These two are fully responsible for all the crimes committed against Falun Gong practitioners over the past five years.

Lu Taiping, the Deputy Director of the City People's Congress and former head of the city's Intermediate People's Court, is very vicious and sinister. He knows the law and intentionally breaks it. He uses his power for his personal gains. On numerous occasions, he used his position to force his courts to give heavy sentences to practitioners who distributed Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials. He has overseen several unjust cases. He was promoted for persecuting good people.

Chen Jianxin is the Deputy Director of the city's Public Security Bureau. Lu Taiping and Chen Jianxin are the two responsible for directing the arrests, detainments, collection of fines, the ransacking of homes, and the sentencing of practitioners to labor camps. Chen Jianxin is known for his cruelty. He personally encouraged the National Security Team, the branch Public Security Bureau, and the police substations to detain many practitioners in the detention center, labor camp, and the brainwashing units and to mentally and physically torture them.

Yuan Bin is a policeman from the Nongnongping Police Sub-bureau. He has tortured and interrogated female practitioners on numerous occasions. He is very brutal. From October 13 to 24, 2001, he used bamboo sticks to beat up Duan Xiaoling, from the Pangang Electrical Institute, who had been hung up in handcuffs. She was beaten black and blue. Yuan Bin cruelly beat her for 16 hours during the week of October 22 to 24 at Yanbianxin Couty Labor Camp.

Wang Yong, a policeman from the Nongnongping Police Sub-bureau, cruelly tortured practitioners to extract confessions from them. He has also extorted money from them. On May 26, 2002, and April 22, 2003, Wang Yong beat up a lecturer from Pangang Electrical Institute, Liu Guoxin. He used electric batons, handcuffs and an umbrella to beat up the practitioner, a kindhearted man who financially supported poor students and helped them in other ways. Wang Yong also illegally sentenced Liu Guoxin to two years.

Zhang Hongtai is a former policeman from the Renhe Police Sub-bureau. Many times he tortured and interrogated, arrested and searched practitioners. He was later transferred to the position of Director of the Jinjiang Police Substation.

Tian Ping is a policewoman from the National Security Team of the City Public Security Bureau. During 2000 and 2001, she used very vicious means to beat up and interrogate practitioners. On the evening of July 24, 2001, at the Yanbianxin County Labor Camp, she handcuffed a 57-year-old man the entire night and slapped his face. Recently, this policewoman tried to extract information by faking kindness.

Wang Zhidan, a policeman from the National Security Team of Dongqu Public Security Bureau; Sun Zhiwen, a policeman from the National Security Team of the city Public Security Bureau; Wan Ming, a deputy team leader of the Security Team of the city's Public Security Bureau; Wang Guangrong; Tang Jing (female), from Bingcaogang Police Substation; Zou Minghong from Dadukou Police Substation; He Kaiqiang from Dahuadi Police Substation; Qu Yonglun; Xiong Bin from Xianyangcun Police Substation; Deng Xianping from Zaozhiping Police Substation; Hu Jun from Changshou Road Police Substation; Dong Shiqun from Baoding Police Substation; Deputy Section Chief Zhang Dazhong from Political and Security Section; Zheng Jun; Wang Jian (female); Liu Lihua(female), from the National Security Team of Baoding Police Substation; Chen Liren; Dou Tongxian from Moshuohe Police Substaion; and others have illegally searched, fined, and arrested practitioners on numerous occasions. During a festival or holiday, they constantly go to harass practitioners.

Director of the City Labor Camp Liu Huayun; Deputy Director Shi Hongbo; the former director Shi Jiankang from Yanbianxin County Labor Camp; the policemen from the labor camp Tan Peihua, Xiong Tian, and Wu Chunlong; and the policewomen from the labor camp Zeng Xiaomin and Gong Ping on numerous occasions harassed and tortured the practitioners by forcing them to lie on the torture bed, handcuffing them with shackles, and force-feeding and beating them up.

The City Public Security Bureau:

Jian Shengbin was transferred in August 2004 from the Dongqu Party Committee of Panzhihua City to be the director of the city Public Security Bureau: 86-812-3344995 (Office)

Cheng Jianxin, Deputy Director: 86-812-3323029 (Office), 86-812-3350916 (Home),

86-13808144802 (Cell)

Office of the National Security Team of the city's Public Security Bureau: 86-812-3332018

Team Leader: 86-812-3323362
Deputy Team Leader: 86-812-3323021, 86-812-3323035
"610 Office": 86-812-3323020
Motor Team: 86-812-3323178
Team No. 1 : 86-812-3323195
Team No. 2: 86-812-3323392

Zhang Boling: 86-812-3323264 (Office), 86-812-3350886 (Home), 86-13808147396 (Cell), Xiaolingtong: 86-812-6901665
Qiu Tianming: 86-812-3323035 (Office), 86-13518414006 (Cell), Xiaolingtong: 86-812-6901785
Zhang Xu: 86-812-3323035 (Office), 86-13908142037, Xiaolingtong: 86-812-6917136
Qing Gang: 86-812-3323178 (Office), 86-812-3354354 (Home), 86-13908144497 (Cell), Xiaolingtong: 86-812-6901692
Zou Yongjun: 86-812-3323195 (Office), 86-812-3350081 (Home), 86-13982368025
Qi (Kai) Li: 86-812-3323309 (Office), 86-812-3323185 (Home), Xiaolingtong: 86-812-6901685

Liu Yaowei: 86-812-3323362 (Office), 86-812-3335029 (Home), 86-13808146056 (Cell), Xiaolingtong: 86-812-6906056
Huang Luping: 86-812-3323020 (Office), 86-812-3338388 (Home), 86-13908149959 (Cell), Xiaolingtong: 86-812-6929959

Sun Zhiwen, 86-812-3323178 (Office), 86-812-3350746 (Home), 86-13518416350 (Cell), Xiaolingtong: 86-812-6906042
Cao Peng: 86-812-3323195 (Office), 86-812-3350081 (Home), 86-13982368025 (Cell), Xiaolingtong: 86-812-6900755
Wu Dong: 86-812-3323392 (Office), 86-812-3336826 (Home), 86-13908147775 (Cell), Office: 86-812-3332018

Renhe Police Substation of Panzhihua City:

Zhou Lurong, Deputy Director: 86-812-2910200, 86-812-3365005, 86-13980352842 (Cell)
Ye Jian, Director: 86-812-2902919 (Office), 86-13908148108 (Cell)
Xiaolingtong: 86-812-6942257
Cheng Songtao: 86-812-2902021 (Office), 86-812-3323209 (Home), 86-13508224949 (Cell) Xiaolingtong: 86-812-6939869
Yang Kai: 86-812-2902180 (Office), 86-812-290186 (Home), 86-13908149028 (Cell)
Hong Er'chang, 86-812-2902180 (Office), 86-13982335595 (Cell)
Wang Jun: 86-812-2908129 (Office), 86-812-2902771 (Home), 86-13308148208 (Cell)
Cui Pengju: 86-812-2260726 (Office), 86-13508232626(Cell)