(Clearwisdom.net) Jilin Provincial Women's Prison (also called Heizuizi Women's Prison) located in Changchun City continues to aggressively persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. At present, the situation for practitioners over there is extremely critical. Four or five have had serious pulmonary tuberculosis and are now being imprisoned in the prison's hospital for so-called treatment.

Practitioner Song Yanqun from Shulan City, Jilin Province, is 33 years old. A university graduate, she is currently a foreign language teacher in a local school. On November 15, 2003, she was arrested. Later on, she was illegally sentenced to 12 years in prison and is being held in Heizuizi Women's Prison. Because she has suffered from the brutal persecution for a long time, she contracted pulmonary tuberculosis. When her family members visited her, they requested that the prison give her medical treatment. Policeman Zhou in the prison's hospital unexpectedly shouted, "She could die, but we will not release her! Yu Lixin from Jilin City died at my hands. What can you do to me?"

Currently Ms. Song is extremely weak. There are four or five other Dafa practitioners who are also being seriously persecuted.

We call on international human rights organizations and people who believe in justice to help rescue these good people, who have been illegally imprisoned and brutally persecuted because they believe in "Truth, Compassion, Tolerance."

Jilin Provincial Party Committee's address: 47 Renmin Avenue, Zip code: 130051. Switchboard: 86-431-8927512; Secretariat: 86-431-8927596

Jilin Provincial Government's address: 11 Xinfa Road, Zip code: 130051. Switchboard: 86-431-8919971

Jilin Province Judicial Hall address: 46 Xinfa Road, Zip code: 130051.

Office: 86-431-8919971

Jilin Province Jail Administration Bureau: 86-431-2750068

Disciplinary Inspection Committee, Jilin Province Jail Administration Bureau: 86-431-2750061, 86-431-2750057

Supervising Politics Section, Jilin Province Jail Administration Bureau: 86-431-2750062

Forced Labor Bureau, Jilin Provincial Judicature Hall address: 46 Xinfa Road, Zip code: 130051.

Office: 86-431-2795608, Political Office: 86-431-2799473, Administration Office: 86-431-2799874

Jilin Provincial People's Procuratorate address: 23 Jingyang Blvd., zip code: 130000. Switchboard: 86-431-7668118. General Observation Room: 86-431-7615769

Secretarial Section: 86-431-7615764
Changchun Municipal People's Procuratorate address: 21 Jingyang Blvd, zip code: 130000.
Switchboard: 86-431-7684275; Office: 86-431-7684322

Leader of Disciplinary inspection group: 86-431-7690673

The telephone numbers for Heizuizi Women's Prison:

Xu Guangsheng (head of the prison): 86-431-5375001
Wu Zeyun (Vice Director of transformation): 86-431-5375004
Tang Yajuan (Deputy Director of Criminal Law Enforcement Section): 86-431-5375010
Li Jian (Deputy head of Politics Branch): 86-431-5375007
Wang Jinghua (Director of the Prison Office): 86-431-5375038
Reception room: 86-431-5375036
The first supervising area: 86-431-5375020
The second supervising area: 86-431-5375021
The third supervising area: 86-431-5375022
The fourth supervising area: 86-431-5375023
The fifth supervising area: 86-431-5375024
The sixth supervising area (where Falun Gong practitioners are being persecuted most severely): 86-431-5375031
The seventh supervising area: 86-431-5375026
The eighth supervising area: 86-431-5375027
The ninth supervising area: 86-431-5375028.

October 17, 2004