(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of June 26, 2004, another round of persecution was initiated against Falun Dafa practitioners in Huangmei County, Hubei Province. The perpetrators were personnel from the Huangmei County Government Committee, the Political and Judiciary Committee, the police station, the court, and others, carrying out orders from Jiang's and Luo's faction. These government employees and officials, as well as police officers from all levels, went out to persecute Dafa practitioners. Since that night, police vehicles have been seen everywhere on the freeways, streets and lanes. All electric power poles were watched so that Dafa practitioners could not use them to clarify the truth, and all practitioners were closely monitored.

Large groups of people surrounded Dafa practitioners' homes. For example, more than forty police officers and many township cadres surrounded the home of Yuan Jiru in Wuli Village, Konglong Town. When Dafa practitioners refused to open their door, the authorities kicked the door, tried to pry it open, and finally knocked the door down with wooden logs. Amid the resulting roars, shouts and curses of the perpetrators and the whine of sirens, the neighbors became frightened and nervous.

Since June 26, to resist this renewed round of persecution, many Dafa practitioners in Huangmei County have left their homes, have gone to their relatives' homes, or have wandered homeless, picking up trash for a living. A number of Dafa practitioners in the countryside had to abandon their fields. Because of this persecution, many Dafa practitioners could not even afford the most basic lifestyle.

Since June 26, according to incomplete statistics, more than 400 Dafa practitioners' homes were illegally searched and ransacked, and many Dafa books, audio and video tapes, and truth-clarifying materials were confiscated. More than 100 Dafa practitioners were arrested and taken to the county's No. 1 and No. 2 Detention Centers, and to a police "detention and law education class" for brainwashing. One practitioner became disabled from beating, six were put into a forced labor camp, and five were forced to leave their homes to avoid further persecution. Following are some additional facts:

Dafa practitioner Ms.Hu Borong, a medical doctor, was arrested by enforcers from the Xiaochi Town Police Department. Chen Honggang, the police chief, called up five officers. At first they threatened Dr. Hu, then they brutally beat her. Three policemen pushed Hu Borong's hands and feet against the wall. Two policemen used their palms first, then used fists, then kicked and beat her all over her body. While beating her, the police said, "So many [practitioners] were beaten to death. What does it matter if there is one more." Doctor Hu Borong's face and eyes were swollen and blackened. Her legs were beaten so severely they became paralyzed, and have not yet recovered. She was sent to the County No. 1 Detention Center for further abuse and persecution. Dr. Hu went on a hunger strike to protest. She was close to death after more than twenty days of being on a hunger strike, but the authorities still sent her to the Shayang Forced Labor Camp. Administrators at the Shayang Labor Camp were afraid that Dr. Hu would die and therefore refused to accept her, so the authorities had to finally release her.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Yu Liangzhen, from Xiaochi Town, had been widowed for several years and lived with her two teen-aged daughters and one young son. Prior to practicing Falun Dafa she had many illnesses, and made a living selling vegetables. After she began practicing Falun Dafa, all her illnesses disappeared, and her life improved. Since Jiang began the persecution of Falun Dafa however, Ms.Yu could not live peacefully. She was detained after appealing for Falun Dafa, was forced to pay a high "boarding fee," and was sent to a brainwashing class. Her family was harassed and their home was ransacked, and to aggravate her situation, the police sent her to the Shayang Forced Labor Camp for one year and three months. Even some police officers said, "That's too much!" People in the township said, "They [the authorities] don't care about people's lives. The poor children don't have a father, and now they are robbed of their mother. It is so evil!"

Dafa practitioner Fei Yulan from Xiaochi Town was illegally put into a labor camp for three years. Her husband, Gui Xunhua, who is also a Dafa practitioner, died as a result of the persecution on June 1, 2002 (Clearwisdom.net reported this incident). To arrest Fei Yulan, the authorities allocated dozens of people to surround her home. They arrested Ms. Fei by force, and took her to the "law education class" in the county for brainwashing. Fei Yulan later climbed over the wall to escape, but had to stay away from home to avoid further persecution. Her three young children were left unattended.

The lawless officials in Konglong Town arrested all those who had practiced Falun Gong, including those who had given up the practice or who had only browsed the teachings, and even people who had only heard about someone practicing Falun Gong. If the person they were looking for was not found, they would take a family member as a stand-in. Each person had to pay 100 Yuan (1) to join the brainwashing class for "reformation." More than sixty practitioners in the town were arrested and forced to undergo brainwashing. To avoid this round of persecution, many practitioners left home.

On July 1, 2004, Dafa practitioner Wang Chonghua from Xingyu Village, Konglong Town was arrested while clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa and the persecution. Police officer Mei Zezhong led a gang to arrest him at around 3:00 p.m. They took him to a room and brutally beat him while ordering him to reveal the names of the Falun Gong "organization" and the names of fellow practitioners. Mr. Wang didn't say anything. The police then cut his mouth with the back of a knife blade, and shocked his ankles and buttocks with an electric baton. The electric baton broke during the beating, and they switched to a rubber baton. Mr. Wang's feet were badly swollen yet the police still kept beating him. Two young police officers beat Mr. Wang, taking turns until 9:00 a.m. the following morning, before releasing him.

On July 2, 2004, Dafa practitioner Wang Chuping from Wanglongdang Dun, Wangtian Village, Konglong Town was arrested for practicing Falun Gong. Police officer Yin Xiaofeng and another officer beat him cruelly. They used a leather belt to lash him, and also burned his face, feet, and hands with cigarette butts, and took turns beating, punching and kicking him until midnight.

Officials in Fenlu Town trained cadres from the local police station, the court, the accounting office, and the school to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. They held a brainwashing class, and all people who had ever practiced Falun Gong were arrested and brought in for "reformation." Those who refused to write the five "Guarantee Statements" were sent directly to the Hubei Province Shayang Forced Labor Camp.

Officials in Huangmei Town alone arrested 13 Dafa practitioners who were over 60 years old on the evening of June 26. They put the six older couples among them into jail for further persecution. These people were not released until 15 days later.

The authorities in Caishan Town monitored every Dafa practitioner day in and day out, from June 26 to July 25. They staked out Dafa practitioners' homes, and forcefully entered by breaking down doors or windows. Almost all the electrical power poles were monitored by specific personnel, to prevent practitioners from posting truth-clarification flyers. To achieve the quota allocated by higher officials, the police sentenced Wang Shixiong to fifteen months in a labor camp, even though they couldn't find any evidence at his home. Dafa practitioner Zhai Yuemei was sentenced to fifteen months and sent to the Shayang Forced Labor Camp.

Partial list of addresses and phone numbers of township, county, and police officials in Huangmei County, Hubei Province:

Huangmei County Xiaochi Town Police Department Chief, Chen Honggang: 86-713-3320602

Political Head of the Police Department, Luu Hai'ao: 86-713-3433017 (Home)

Huangmei County Liuzuo Township Police Station: 86-713-3433640

Police Station Chief Shi Heqiu: 86-713-3438698 (Home), 86-13886431319 (Mobile), 86-13971737019 (Mobile)

Xiaochi Town Middle School Principal, Wang: 86-713-3435338 (Home) 86-13707255931 (Mobile) (a teacher surnamed Li in this school, who is a Dafa practitioner, was illegally sentenced to a two- year prison term.)

Huangmei County Caishan Town Police Station: 86-713-3731247

Chief, He Yajun

Political Instructor, Gong Hui

Police on duty, Mei Junhua

Konglong Town Police Station Chief in Huangmei County, Huang Yazhou: 86-139200575 (Mobile)

Deputy Chief, Mei Zezhong: 86-1330725963 (Mobile)

Political Instructor, Deng Qiusheng

Officer Yin Xiaofeng is the most vicious police officer; he was dispatched from the Caishan Police Station to the Konglong Police Station.

Town Chief for Konglong Town, Sun Zhiqiang (conducted the brainwashing class)

National Security Bureau Head in Huanggang City, Hubei Province, Chen Shuming: 86-13339969899 (Mobile)

Sector Administrator Li: 86-13339978379 (Mobile)

(1) Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.