(Clearwisdom.net) One night in July of 2001, the police brought several of us Falun Dafa practitioners to the Yuegezhuang Police Station and five to six policemen used cruel and despicable means to try to force us to confess to crimes we had not committed.

A policeman punched me in the stomach, used wooden and rubber batons to beat my knees and legs and even used electric batons to shock me. I sent righteous thoughts so that they missed sometimes and shocked each other. They handcuffed my hands behind the back of the chair. Then they passed a baton through the handcuffs, catching one end of the baton on the arm of the chair, and pressed the other end forcefully, making me cry out in such pain that my voice filled the night sky.

What is most horrible is the way they insulted female practitioners. That night, they stripped off my pants to humiliate me. One of them, the head of the police station, pinched my nipples maliciously. I said to these degenerates, "Are you even human or are you a beast, that you would do this? Do you have a mother, do you have sisters?"

Good is rewarded with good and bad behavior will meet with retribution. What is waiting for these police officers is the karmic retribution that they fully deserve.