(Clearwisdom.net) The Falun Gong practitioners held at Zhangshi Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City are mostly male. Over the past few years, the guards have ordered inmates to torture Falun Gong practitioners. Below are pictures and illustrations of several tortures used at the labor camp.

1. Tying up the legs

In late December 2002 in Room 9 of Building 3, Cheng Diankun, the labor camp warden and the main perpetrator in charge, along with guard Shi Fengyou and four or five inmates, tied up the legs of 28-year-old Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Liu Xianyong in a kneeling position. Liu Xianyong had lived in Faku. They tied his hands together and then tied the other end of the rope to a bedpost. They pulled on the rope until it could no longer stretch, gagged him and taped his mouth shut. They tortured him this way for three hours, four or five times daily, for several days. Liu Xianyong was a thin person and often had a stomachache. Because he was also forced to do manual labor such as making comb boxes and making combs with rubber heads for over four months at Division Four in the labor camp, he was very weak. The ropes cut off the circulation in his hands, and he also had severe leg cramps. Later, his legs became swollen and numb, and he needed help going to the toilet.

The perpetrators also tortured women practitioners this way, including Xia Wen, who was transferred here after her term at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp had expired; Zhang Jie, around 50 years of age, a business inspection cadre from Dalian City; Wu Yanping, around 40 years of age from the Dadong District, Shenyang City; Li Ailian, around 30 years of age from Faku, all of whom were tortured for two or three months. Over half of the ten rooms on the third floor were used to hold brainwashing sessions. People often heard beatings and verbal abuse as well as screaming coming from those rooms.

2. Hanging up and electric shock

The perpetrators at the labor camp force visiting family members of practitioners to step on the picture of Falun Gong's founder. In late December 2003, practitioners Jiao Guolian, in his 50s, from the Yuhong District; Wang Yongli, in his 30s, from the Xinchengzi District; Cai Wenzhang, 37 years old, from the Dongling District; Guo Dianhui from the Tiexi District; Lu Yuanfeng and Zhu Hongjun from Faku County; Wu Chongfeng from the Xichengzi District; and Wei Changrui and Li Tiekun all protested together and demanded that the labor camp repeal the picture-stomping policy. Song Baishun, an instructor at the labor camp, sent these practitioners to different divisions to be "strictly controlled." Later he sent the practitioners to brainwashing classes in a small building. Song Baishun and division head Chen Wei led guards including Wei Maojin, Teng Fuxun, Fan Guangjing, and Ma Zhigang to strip off practitioners' coats and shock their sensitive body parts such their mouths or armpits. Then they hang the practitioners up with their hands cuffed, tie their legs with a rope, and deprive them of sleep. Inmates take turns monitoring the practitioners. The guards shocked practitioner Guo Dianhui's mouth until his mouth and cheeks were blistered and he could not eat. They shocked Cai Wenzhang's armpits and ordered inmates to tie up and beat Jiao Guolian until he had difficulty walking.

3. Wearing a tall hat

The perpetrators would make a paper hat and put it on the practitioner's head. They would hang two pieces of fruit from the sides of the practitioners' head and then comb the practitioner's eyebrows to humiliate him. They also would fold a paper bullhorn and scream Dafa-slandering words through it into the practitioner's ears. Some determined practitioners were on the verge of a nervous breakdown from lack of sleep and this abuse. In early 2001, practitioner Liu Jianguang from the Dadong District was tormented this way.

4. Beating with wooden bed boards

In August 2001, guard Shi Fengyou headed up a "collaborator group" from the Zhangshi Forced Labor Camp and the Longshan Forced Labor Camp. Collaborators are former Falun Dafa practitioners who have turned against Dafa. They went to the third floor in the Tiexi District Mental Hospital to brainwash those practitioners illegally held there. Shi Fengyou ordered perhaps ten collaborators to harass practitioner Mr. Hu Lin, a 32-year-old researcher at China Aviation Shenyang's Aircraft Design & Research Institute. Because Hu Lin refused to give up his belief, Shi Fengyou forced him to squat and whacked his back with three wooden boards put together until the boards broke.

5. Stabbing the soles of the feet and shocking with an electric baton

Around 8:00 p.m. one day in early December 2001, instructor Song Baishu and four inmates took practitioner Zhang Guoyi, who hadn't eaten anything for four days, to Room 7. This is a large, unheated room, around 200 or 300 sq meters, with windows on three sides. It's usually used for storage and is nicknamed the "natural refrigerator." Song Baishun ordered the inmates to immobilize Zhang Guoyi on a ping-pong table. Two inmates violently stabbed the soles of Zhang Guoyi's feet with the sharpened end of a toothbrush. Then another inmate, Dong, broke the toothbrush and jabbed the sole of Zhang Guoyi's feet with the broken, sharp end until his feet bled. After forty or fifty minutes of torture, Song Baishun ordered the inmates to immobilize Zhang Guoyi again and shocked his mouth with an electric baton for nearly ten minutes.

6. Squatting above push pins

One evening in February 2002, practitioners Zhang Guoyi and Yan Hongwei were taken to Room 5, where they were forbidden to sleep. Four or five perpetrators forced Zhang Guoyi to squat on a brick. If he moved, the inmates would kick his back with the heels of their boots. One inmate placed pushpins on the ground below Zhang Guoyi's buttocks and also in front of him. If he fell backwards or forwards, the pushpins would jab into him. He was forced to squat all night in the same posture until he lost the feeling in his legs and his feet were so swollen he could not wear shoes.

7. Shocking with several electric batons

Around midnight on August 3, 2002, Song Baishun called Zhang Guoyi to the office. In the middle of the room was a quilt with four or five inmates standing around it. Three fully charged electric batons were on the table and three more were hanging on the wall. Song Baishun asked what Zhang Guoyi thought, and Zhang Guoyi said, "It's not wrong to be a good person according to Truth, Compassion, Tolerance." Song Baishun immediately ordered the inmates to strip off all of Zhang Guoyi's heavy clothing. They immobilized him on the quilt and cuffed his hands behind his back. Song Baishun and division head Chen Wei each sat on a chair and repeatedly shocked Zhang Guoyi's mouth, armpits, stomach and arms with two electric batons. Song Baishun kept hurling insults. Zhang Guoyi felt his chest tightening up, as if his heart was about to burst out of his chest. His body jerked violently and the handcuffs cut into his wrists. When the two batons ran out of electricity, they started again with two other batons.

Another division head, Wei Maojin, who is in his 30s, shouted, "If he still doesn't give in, let's shock him in his anus!" Division head Pan Jinwei, in his 40s, was also present. This torture lasted nearly three hours, and Zhang Guoyi's mouth was so swollen he could hardly speak. Blisters the size of eggs appeared in his armpits and on stomach and arms. There was hardly any skin left intact on his upper body. His wrists were swollen and black and blue. The inmates said, "You Falun Gong practitioners are all good people! Why are the division heads so hard on you?"

8. Sitting on small stools

A small stool is 20 cm long, 25 cm wide, and 17 cm tall. On the stool is a corn flour bun to provide a context for how small the stool is.

The picture shows the small stool often used to torture Falun Gong practitioners at the Zhangshi Labor Camp, the Longshan Labor Camp and the Masanjia Labor Camp. The stool is made of hard plastic. The practitioners are forced to sit on it until their buttocks turn black and blue and sometimes even develop boils.

9. Eating small, corn flour buns

On the stool pictured above is the steamed bun given as food to practitioners at the Zhangshi Labor Camp and also at the Xinshou Division of Shenyang City's Judicial Bureau. (The Xinshou Division was originally located in the Zhangshi Forced Labor Camp but was moved to the Shenxin Labor Camp in the summer of 2002.) The buns are made of corn flour and other ingredients. In the Xinshou Division, the authorities tell the guards not to give the practitioners enough food. Male practitioners are given one bun and two spoonfuls of vegetable soup at each meal. Any remaining food is flushed down the toilet. The practitioners are forced to do slave labor, including manual labor. If they don't meet the quota, they are given only half a bun or nothing at all. As a result, the practitioners suffer from constipation and they can't have a bowel movement for weeks or even a month at a time. The time and frequency they are allowed to use the toilet is limited, and if they exceed the time limit, the guards will beat and punish them by forcing them to squat with their buttocks pointing up.

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