On September 18, 2004, police illegally arrested Ms. Liang Qizhen and Ms. Dai Sumei.

Liang Qizhen, 48, lost her husband in earlier years, and having little money, poor health, and a young son, she struggled just to get by. She contracted a serious case of bronchopneumonia, which caused frequent coughing. When short of breath her complexion turned purple. Sometimes the severe cough caused her to lose control of her bladder. When her son saw her condition, he held her, frightened, crying, and said: "Mom, please don't die, don't leave me alone in the world!" It broke her heart. Just when she was in such despair and suffering, her classmate Dai Sumei brought her a book, Zhuan Falun (1), which changed her fate. Her bronchopneumonia was miraculously cured after she began the cultivation practice.

Dai Sumai, 50, was a cancer patient with a tumor in her uterus. After she cultivated Falun Dafa, amazingly the tumor disappeared.

Dai Sumei and Liang Qizhen were reported to authorities while they explained the facts about Falun Dafa to the public. The police in Tieling County, Liaoning Province raided the two Falun Dafa practitioners' homes and locked them in the detention center. They were sentenced to three years of imprisonment in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang.

On the ninth day after she was arrested, Liang Qizhen's father could not endure the blow caused by the news of his daughter's imprisonment in the forced labor camp, and he passed away in despair. Her sister appealed to the detention center for her elder sister's release so that she could have a last look at her father, but they rejected her appeal.

Liang Qizhen's sister is heartbroken. Her elder sister is unlawfully imprisoned, her father is dead, her young nephew still needs nurturing, and her elderly mother needs to be looked after.


(1) Zhuan Falun is the comprehensive guide to Falun Dafa, explaining the principles and teachings of the practice.