(Clearwisdom.net) On October 9, 2004, Los Angeles and San Diego Falun Dafa practitioners participated in parades in each city. In Walnut City, San Diego, practitioners won first place for their float in the parade. In Bellflower City, Los Angeles, practitioners were being measured against many well-trained bands and a lot of performances.

Spectators applaud for Falun Gong

Falun Gong float wins first place

Clarifying the truth to spectators

The practitioners put clarifying truth about Falun Gong and saving sentient beings as their first priority. Wherever they went, the spectators applauded warmly and many people pressed their palms together to return the blessings. Practitioners performed dances and on waist drums and demonstrated the five sets of exercises accompanied by the "Pudu" music. The exercises may have awakened people's ancient memories for cultivation.

Many video camcorders were focused on the Falun Gong float and the practitioners demonstrating the exercises, so more people will see Falun Gong through TV.

As soon as the parade finished, Falun Dafa was awarded first place in the float category and second place for dance team. Next, the organizer prepared to announce the prizes for the bands. Usually a band will perform its music again before accepting the prize. But the drum team practitioners had left; only one practitioner was waiting for the results. When the referee announced that Falun Gong had won first place, all eyes focused on the sole practitioner who holding two cups. The practitioner thanked the audience and referees as he stepped up the stage. He sat down and crossed his legs. The applause arose as well as exclamations of surprise. The host said into the microphone, "Let's see the Falun Gong." When the practitioner began to do the hand gestures of the fifth exercise, the entire site suddenly turned quiet. It felt as if time had stopped and there was only the practitioner doing the hand gestures. When the practitioner pressed his palms together, stood up and waved to the audience, it was as if everyone was suddenly returned to this space and time. There was a burst of applause, camera flashes, and congratulations. The chairman gave the first place cup to the practitioner and thanked Falun Gong.

We understand that our performance was not the best of all the bands there that day. The prize was not for our skill but in appreciation for bringing Falun Dafa to everyone. This is an encouragement to practitioners and a show of support for Falun Dafa, so we ought to do even better to let every family hear about Falun Dafa.