(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wang Haibo was an associate professor in the Mathematics Department at Sichuan University. His wife, Ms. Fang Hui, was a lecturer in the Foreign Languages Department at Sichuan University. They are both about 40 years old. The couple was sentenced to three and a-half years and three years in prison, respectively, for clarifying the truth about Falun Gong to others. Both were fired from their jobs.

Recently, Sichuan University started to demolish some old residential buildings. Mr. Wang Haibo's family's 76 square meter (818 sq. ft.) home is in a building that will be demolished. The university was not planning to provide them replacement housing at first. Wang Liangming, head of the university "610 Office," said the couple should be expelled from the campus. Later, after many efforts from friends and family, the university offered them a 50 square meter (538 sq. ft.) apartment in exchange, yet charged them double the rent compared to similar housing. This worsened their difficult financial situation terribly.

Ms. Fang suffered inhuman abuses in prison. After more than one year of imprisonment, Ms. Fang became extremely weak. She could not even stand by herself or speak, and her vision also deteriorated. On December 25, 2003 she was allowed to finish her sentence outside of prison. Mr. Wang Haibo is still imprisoned in the Wangmaping Prison in Muchuan County, Leshan City, Sichuan Province.

During the past year, Sichuan University, and its Wangjiang Office in Chengdu City, Wuhou District, did not pay Fang Hui any salary, and she and her twelve-year-old son did not even receive a minimum living allowance.

Responsible parties:

Sichuan University Head, Xie Heping, 86-28-85412201 (Office)
University Deputy Head, Wang Zhenxue, 86-28-85412618 (Office), Chen Junkai, 86-28-85412616 (Office)
University "610 Office" Head, Wang Liangming, 86-28-85415215 (Home)
Wangjiang Office "610 Office" head Wang Xinghua, 86-28-85223916 (Office)
Sichuan University Foreign Languages Department Chairman Shi Jian, 86-28-85462199 (Office)
Sichuan University Mathematics Department Party Committee Secretary, 86-28-85412125 (Office)

October 4, 2004