(Clearwisdom.net) There are many moving stories from Teacher's four trips to Guiyang City to teach the Fa. Many people there were fortunate enough to listen to Teacher teaching in person. In the last five years, no matter how vicious the surroundings and how complex the situation - practitioners' determination to practice cultivation and follow Teacher is as solid as a rock. In order to validate the Fa, express gratitude to Teacher and encourage fellow practitioners, a few practitioners would like to share their personal experiences.

Xiao Wang attended Teacher's first class in Guiyang. During the 2nd and the 3rd day, while he was doing the second exercise, Xiao's wife (not yet a practitioner at the time) saw and felt a large light wheel spinning in her forehead and the top of her head. She felt that she was having a headache and hurt. Xiao Wang asked Teacher what was happening to his wife and Teacher replied that it was good and asked him not to pay attention to it. The couple realized later that Teacher was adjusting her body. She had not attended the class yet at that time. However, Teacher already treated her as a practitioner.

When Teacher was correcting Xiao Wang's exercises, Xiao Wang felt like he was shocked by electricity, and the energy flow was very strong. While holding the wheel at the sides, he strongly felt that the Falun was spinning at his palm with a strong force. There was a powerful cylindrical-shaped energy going through his ears and reached the other palm. The energy went through the ears again and came back to the original palm. It lasted 4~5 minutes. When listening to Teacher's class instructions, Xiao Wang felt that the top of his head was opening and closing like the mouth of a fish. It happened many times.

Mr. He is in his 70's now. He had already retired for health reasons before he went to Teacher's class. He was well known for his poor health and had to stay in a hospital extensively every year. In addition, he had to have intravenous injection every week and

took medicine every day. He had multiple diseases such as sciatica, coronary occlusion and work related spinal injuries and others. He fell into a coma every time his spinal injury pain became severe. He visited many well-known physicians in the Guiyang area and found no cure. Before attending Teacher's first class, Uncle He listened to Teacher's speech in the cinema at the Chunlei Square, and his sciatica was gone that day. Later on, Uncle He attended Teacher's first class. For the last 11 years, Uncle He never had to take any medicine and never spent a penny of his work unit's medical expenses for medical care.

Mrs. Zhou, Mr. He's wife, was also troubled by various diseases. She had anaemia, thrombocytopathy, gastric bleeding, bronchiectasis, serious neurasthenia, and ice-cold and numb lower limbs. She depended on hot-water bottles to keep her warm all year long. In order to cure these diseases she attended various qigong classes and even went to Beijing to learn qigong. She spent most of her income on medicine and for learning qigong, but none worked. In the first day of listening to Teacher's class, she felt that her entire body was light, and her pale palm even became pink. She immediately realized that Falun Gong was not an ordinary qigong, and also felt Teacher's benevolence and kindness, since there was no qigong teacher who corrected a student's posture like Teacher did. Since then Aunt Zhou began to practice Falun Gong seriously and all the diseases were gone.

Ms. Huang is in her 60's, and has had headaches since childhood. It troubled her for many years. In the last three days of Teacher's 3rd class, she felt dizzy when Teacher just finished talking about curing diseases. Nevertheless, she was conscious. Her head shook to both sides three times, and her headache was gone and never came back! Not long after finishing the class, she was burned twice. The first time she had hot vegetable oil spilled on her arm and hand, and the second time she had boiling water poured onto her right foot. In both cases she didn't feel any pain and there was no swelling, no blister, and no scar; just like nothing happened. Ms. Huang knew it was Teacher who was protecting her.

In the 3rd class of Guiyang City, a paralyzed student from the Guiyang Art School was carried into the class. After Teacher adjusted his body, he could walk the same day, walked out of the auditorium and went back home on his own.

A woman student from Guiyang Xiaohe cried a lot while sharing her experiences after the 1st class. She thanked Teacher for saving her family. For over a year she had a very tense relationship with her husband. Neither her husband nor her wanted to compromise and the conflict was escalating. They were on the verge of a divorce. After listening to Teacher's class for three days, she went back home to reconcile with her husband. Their relationship was saved, and the glacier between the couple melted.

There was another moving story making the rounds in Guiyang. A practitioner from Beijing Street was luckily sitting next to Teacher when having dinner. He noticed that Teacher would pick up the rice that fell to the ground at the table and ate it, and was wondering why such a famous qigong Teacher was so petty. After learning the Fa repeatedly, he realized that it was the manifestation of Teacher's boundless benevolence. Teacher told his students during the lecture that all matter has life in other dimensions. For a few times the student regretted being ignorant and misunderstanding Teacher.