(Clearwisdom.net) It was a clear autumn day October 10, 2004 (Taiwan National Day). In a beautiful small mountain city Dongshi, over 500 practitioners from Taizhong County, Taizhong City, Chunghua, Yunlin, Nantou gathered in Dongshi Elementary School to study the Fa, share experiences, practice the exercises and promote Dafa. The outdoor group practice had a good effect and the wonderful experiences sharing encouraged practitioners to advance diligently.

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Group study and experiences sharing
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Practitioners of Taiwan dialect group
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Students of Minghui class are making paper lotus flowers

The practitioners divided into several groups such as Internet, telephone, Fa-studying, truth-clarification, Taiwan dialect, Minghui Class. After a concentrated Fa-study, the practitioners began to share their experiences and understandings openly. For the telephone group, they called mainland China to clarify the truth. Some people at the other end used bad words and simply hung up, but they were not frustrated and continued to make more phone calls. Some Chinese people heard the news that Jiang Zemin was sued oversea and laughed happily and called other people to listen to the truth-clarification. The listeners waited in turn to hear the truth. Someone asked, "Do you love the country while doing this?" The practitioner answered, "I truly love the country and I care about the Chinese in China, so I tell you the true facts." Because the honest and peace attitude moved the listeners, many people understood that Falun Dafa is good.

The practitioners who had recently returned from clarifying the truth in New York City shared their experiences. Some Taiwan practitioners didn't speak English, with only a few words like "Hello" "Falun Dafa is good" and "Thank you", they distributed a lot of truth fliers. Many westerners were shocked to learn that China is persecuting Falun Gong brutally and condemned the atrocity.

Several hundred people sat in a warm and humid meeting hall quietly and listened to other practitioners' sharing. After the sharing, practitioners took the initiative to restore the chairs and clean the floor. Their behaviors showed an example of "Truthfulness Compassion Tolerance".

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Group practice outside Dongshi Elementary School

The sun slides to the west and the cool breeze embraced the small beautiful mountain city. The moving crowds and the passing drivers were attracted to the elegant Falun Gong exercises and music outside the Dongshi Elementary School. They slowed down and watched. Some people took the introduction of Falun Dafa and said they wanted to learn the exercises. The practitioners were happy to share the beauty of Dafa with others.