(Clearwisdom.net) For the past four years, the Xinhua Public Security Bureau in Shijiazhuang city has followed Jiang's regime in persecuting Falun Gong and committed many crimes against Falun Gong. Under the orders of Deputy Director Su Mingli and the leader of the political security team Lu Junjie, Falun Dafa practitioner Tao Hongsheng was put through forced labor and murdered at the labor camp. Over the past four years, the number of practitioners who were detained, whose homes were searched, who were fined, brainwashed, put through forced labor, sentenced, and interrogated through torture by the Xinhua Public Security has reached over 100. The following lists some crimes committed by the Xijiao Police Station with the participation and guidance of the Xinhua Public Security Bureau.

May 13, 2000, was the first World Falun Dafa Day. Dafa practitioners Ms. Wang Xiang, Mr. Wang Shucun, Ms. Li Liya, Mr. Zhang Shengli, Ms. Cui Shufang and others who fell within the jurisdiction of the Xijiao Police Station went to Tiananmen Square separately, opening banners and shouting "Falun Dafa is good!"

Deputy Director Su Mingli from the Xinhua Public Security Bureau ordered all police stations to apprehend practitioners from their districts. That same day, after making the arrests, the Xijiao Police Station was on alert and drove away all onlookers and practitioners' families, closing their gates. Starting at 6:00 p.m., they tortured practitioners for six hours. The police put Wang Qingxiang, Wang Shucun, Li Liya, Zhang Shengli and Cui Shufang in separate rooms. Two police were assigned to beat each practitioner. Their methods of torture included handcuffing them from behind, shocking them with electric batons, hitting them with spiked batons, beating their legs and buttocks with chair legs, pricking their fingers with pins, poking the area between their fingers with a pen, and burning them with cigarette butts.

Deputy Chief Wu Jianguo sat on Wang Qingxiang's back, twisting and pulling her hands backwards, while Xiang Jinfeng beat her back, legs and buttocks. During the six hours of torture, Wang Qingxiang lost consciousness several times but was revived with cold water or pins. The flesh on Wang Qingxiang' s buttocks was so damaged that it bled on-and-off for an entire year.

Police officer Guo Zhiping locked practitioner Li Liya in a room, and Li Shuai slapped her face until her face and eyes were swollen. They handcuffed her hands behind her back and bent her body backwards over the back of a chair, her face facing upwards and the rest of her body not touching the ground, so that her whole body formed an arc. Then they beat her stomach, which caused her to suddenly jerk and fall to the ground. They tortured Li Liya like this for six hours. Li Shuai and Xiang Jinfeng put a bunch of torture instruments in front of Li Liya and shouted, "Tonight we will help you reach consummation," which implied that they were going beat her to death.

The police ruthlessly kicked practitioner Zhang Shengli in the abdomen and beat his face with the sole of a shoe. They twisted Wang Shucun's fingers and hit his face. Cui Shufang was severely burned all over her body with electric batons. After being ruthlessly abused for six hours, the practitioners couldn't recognize each other. They were all black and blue, their mouths and noses battered. Each practitioner was wounded, and the police were afraid that the public would find out what was going on, so the Xijiao Police Station put these Dafa practitioners under surveillance in the police station for one month and fined each practitioner 200 yuan

On January 23, 2001, the Eve of the Spring Festival, the Xijiao Police Station again abducted the couple Zhang Shengli and Li Liya. Li Liya was locked in a room upstairs, and her husband was locked downstairs. Under the orders of Wu Jianguo, six or seven police beat Li Liya. In order to stop Li Liya from shouting, they covered her mouth with a wet towel. Because Li Liya resisted, six or seven police grabbed her and handcuffed her to the radiator. They put her body on an office desk and tied her legs to the legs of the desk, keeping her whole body on the surface of the desk. They took turns beating her back, legs and buttocks with billy clubs, causing her to lose consciousness. Then they poured cold water on her to wake her up and interrogated her. They couldn't get what they wanted out of her, so they started talking about how sensitive the place where the thigh meets the torso is. Then they beat her there with billy clubs for five hours. Later on they tied her four limbs to a piece of fitness equipment, in such a way that she was unable to move all night long.

Afterwards, Li Liya was sentenced to three years of forced labor. When Li Liya was sent to the No.2 Detention Center, a practitioner in the same cell couldn't recognize her. Seeing her mutilated body, most people, including murderers in the prison, were in tears. Somebody counted 45 wounds scattered all over her body. The area between her waist and thigh was black. On the same day, her husband Zhang Shengli was also detained in the No.2 Detention Center for four months.

During the past four years, whenever there was a so-called sensitive day, the Xijiao Police Station followed Jiang's regime and suppressed Falun Gong. Yu Fengyun, the wife of Dafa practitioner Tao Hongsheng - who died because of abuse in the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp - was even on a hunger strike for nine days to protest the illegal detention. She was later subjected to forced labor. Zhang Shengli was detained five times. Dafa practitioners Fang Qiuwen, Cui Shufang, and Wang Lizhi were also sentenced to forced labor.

The people directly responsible for the persecution in the Xijiao Police Station:

Director Xu Jingshan (has been transferred to the Beidu Police Station)

Deputy Director Wu Jianguo (the main persecutor, has since been dismissed)

Deputy Director Zhai XX. (His wife participated in the persecution of practitioners and was the chief administrator in Unit No.4 of the Shijaizhuang Forced Labor Camp.)

Instructor Lu Yinhai (one of the main persecutors, has been transferred to the Xinhua Public Security, where he continues to persecute Falun Gong)

Police Officer Guo Zhiping (retired)

Persecutor: Xiang Jinfeng (has gone back to his hometown of Xinle)

Persecutor: Li Shuai.