(Clearwisdom.net) On June 28, 2004, the same day the South African shooting incident happened, another appalling instance of persecution occurred in China's Guizhou Province.

In the evening of June 28, 2004, Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Xinping and his wife Lin Shusheng, Honghu Factory employees in Pingba County, were riding their motorcycle on the Guihuang highway. Police from both Qingzhen City and Zhongba Farm in Guizhou Province concocted a story, saying both husband and wife were suspected to have posted about 200 banners along the highway. The banner content exposed the Jiang regime's persecution of Falun Gong. To catch them, police blocked the road. As a result, Wang Xinping and his wife were knocked off the motorcycle while they were driving. Police stepped on them with their boots. Lin Shusheng had injuries on her face and chest. Wang Xinping was severely injured, sustaining a fractured pelvis. Even faced with these injuries, the police did not take them to a hospital. Instead, they took them back to the police department for more questioning.

The police took Lin Shusheng with them and drove around to try to find her workplace to ask for a reward for arresting her. In the meantime, practitioner Wang Xinping clarified the truth about the persecution to them. Later, police rushed Wang to the hospital after an officer realized Wang's deteriorating physical condition. After police saw the medical diagnosis, they claimed this was a random collision in order to rid themselves of any responsibility.

The police left Wang Xinping at home and walked away. The family sent Wang to Guiyang City's Baiziqiang orthopedic hospital, a renowned orthopedics specialty hospital. The hospital could not cure his injury. He was later transferred to the Number 303 hospital in Pingba County. The doctor expressed little hope to cure him and Wang Xinping was finally released.

Back home, Wang Xinping continued practicing and cultivating Falun Gong. Now, three months after the incident, Wang can get out of bed and has begun walking again, thanks to his continued practice of Falun Gong.

The lawless police, however, did not give it up. They first searched Wang's home, then had fifty police officers around his apartment and continued to monitor his home and activities. They tried to arrest other practitioners who went to Wang's home or when someone leaked information.

Wang's relative went to the Qingzhen City Police Department to obtain a letter of proof documenting the traffic collision, but the officials denied the incident ever happened.

Guizhou Province's Qingzhen City Police Chief: Mr. Zhang
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