(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Shujing (pseudonym) is a Falun Gong practitioner from the Shengli Oil Field in Dongying City, Shandong Province. Between January and March of 2002, she was illegally detained at the Beijing Dispatch Center. All detainees there are forced to engage in various kinds of slave labor, such as packaging chopsticks, folding booklets and papers, folding flyers advertising brand-name cell phones, packaging sample packs of "Hua'anshi" Feminine Wash, and various other items. They work from six o'clock in the morning until very late night. Here we are focusing only on the slave-labor packaging of the "Hua'anshi" Feminine Wash.

"Hua'anshi" is a brand of feminine wash manufactured by the Beijing Hua'anshi Corporation; Address: A2 Baiwanzhuang Ave., Beijing 100037; Telephone: 86-10-68331570; Fax: 86-10-68331532.

Address of the manufacturing plant: Beijing Hua'anshi Female Health Care Technology Corporation, Ltd.; 11 Jinxing Jinda Road, Daxing District, Beijing 100076; Telephone: 86-10-68331570.

Address of Hua'anshi Corporation Consumer Service Center: Mining Mansion, 5th Floor, Baiwanzhuang Ave., West City District, Beijing 100037.

The Beijing Dispatch Center produces these sample-sized packets of "Hua'anshi" Feminine Wash. They are then distributed as complimentary gifts from the Hua'anshi Corp. The following pictures demonstrate the specific procedures for packaging "Hua'anshi" Feminine Wash.

Photo 1






Photo 1: Packet dimensions: 6.0 cm. length x 3.5cm. width.
Photo 2: Fold the piece of colored-printed packaging paper along the designated lines.
Photo 3: Take a roll of double-sided sticky tape and tear off the white strip, exposing the sticky surface. Place a Hua'anshi Feminine Wash packet against the sticky surface and cut off the end of the tape, thus adhering the back of the Hua'anshi packet to the tape.
Photo 4: Place the Hua'anshi Feminine Wash packet with sticky tape on the designated spot in the middle of the color-printed packaging paper.
Photo 5: A packet of Hua'anshi Feminine Wash adhering to a piece of color-printed packaging paper.
Photo 6: A packet of completely packaged Hua'anshi Feminine Wash, ready for distribution. Sales promoters are currently distributing these sample-sized complimentary gifts for free to many large stores.

The above procedures comprise the complete process of streamlined packaging.