After Master's article "Rationality" was published, Dafa practitioners in Mainland China began to clarify the truth to people widely and thoroughly in order to save all beings. As Fa-rectification progressed, after Master's new article "Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People" was published, Dafa practitioners were given new requirements in clarifying the truth. I wrote the following about how I clarify the truth and my understandings to share with everyone.

1. Clarifying the Truth to "Leaders"

If we can clarify the truth to our relatives and friends who are "leaders," then in addition to their being saved, they can also play their roles better to protect and save more people.

One day, the leader in the work unit said that the authorities required us to see a photo exhibition slandering Falun Dafa. I went to the leader right away to stress again that he should not poison people's minds this way (I had clarified the truth to him previously.) I told him that this action was harmful to himself and to others. After he finished listening to me, he said, "I will place the pictures in an unused office and send out a notice about it. There will be no effort to organize people to see the exhibition, nor will there be a requirement for people to see it." Consequently, no one went to see it. According to what he said, the authorities required them to pass on the photos to the next work unit after the exhibition. I called the leader right away to stop this from happening. I said, "Let's leave the pictures in our work unit." He agreed silently. Like this, the photo exhibition slandering Dafa was stopped.

When I heard that the theater manager was organizing people to see a movie slandering Dafa, I went to the manager (my friend) right away to clarify the truth in detail. He said, "Your work unit doesn't have to see it. If the Political Judicial Committee asks about it, just say that there was a problem with the film." I asked whether he could give up showing the movie to other work units too. He said, "I have to follow the requirements. If the police are not present, I will just show a little bit of it." I then talked to the leaders of several work units, asking them to show less of it or not to show it at all. Thus, the people were not poisoned.

When I clarified the truth to a leader of a sector who was in charge of persecuting Falun Gong, he said, "In fact, they don't know you. What I can do is to avoid passing on the documents that are passed down to me as much as I can. Why always harass practitioners when they do nothing wrong?" While speaking, he took out a document and said, "For example, this document has been in my drawer for a month already. I have not said anything about it. As a result, the authorities skipped checking our sector on their rounds.

2. Treasuring the Opportunities and Clarifying the Truth Comprehensively

We don't meet anyone in our lives by accident, and those we see routinely provide us with many opportunities to clarify the truth. Sometimes I felt that the environment was not appropriate when I met some people and decided to clarify the truth to them later. Now I feel that I should break through the limits of such notions and truly do it from the standpoint of "saving the world's people", so that I can seize all opportunities and treasure the predestined relationship to clarify the truth. When I am hesitating, I think to myself that this may be the last chance for us to meet and I must clarify the truth.

Since I have taken this issue seriously, I sometimes can come across 5 or 6 people to clarify the truth to each time I go out. In addition, the results are very good. So as long as our starting point is correct, our heart is on the Fa, and our righteous thoughts are strong, I believe that the opportunities for saving the sentient beings arranged by Master are everywhere at any time. When we clarify the truth to the people we know, we must speak about the benefits we have received from Dafa openly and uprightly. We should talk frankly and directly and let them know that we are doing this for their benefit. For example, one colleague of mine was in very poor health. When I gave her the booklet "A Journey to Ultimate Health," I said, "When I finished reading this booklet, the first person I thought of was you. I am concerned about your health. What is said in this booklet is all true. I have experienced it. Please read it." She was deeply touched and expressed her heartfelt gratitude to me.

In conclusion, as long as our starting point is in the right place and our righteous thoughts are strong, our wisdom imparted to us from Dafa can be limitless in the course of clarifying the truth. Let us treasure this precious time, shoulder our responsibilities, and fulfill our sacred mission!