(Clearwisdom.net) When I was a teenager, I wondered why I hadn't been born in ancient India 2500 years ago, and been able to personally hear about the Buddha Law. I thought sentient beings could no longer transcend the Three Realms and that we would have to go through the reincarnation forever.

In the middle of November 1994, I read Mr. Li Hongzhi's book, Falun Gong, and at the end of the month I was told that the Teacher was going to give lectures in Guangzhou. When asked whether I would like to attend, without hesitation I said yes, that I would attend. At that time I had just a faint feeling that this would be very important to my future.

In December 1994, a few days before the lectures were to begin, several of us went to Guangzhou together. All the hotels were full, but the four of us managed to find a very small room with only two beds, with which we were very satisfied.

As soon as we left the train, we went to the lecture site. In those days Guangzhou was shrouded in a harmonious atmosphere. During the first few days of Master's lectures, the whole gym was dusty. After that, the air became very clear and transparent. Master told us that for some reason, the class had been delayed for a few days, and many practitioners, especially those from Urumqi, Beijing, and the Northeast had already been there for a long time, and had little money left. To make up for this inconvenience, the class time would be limited to a few days. At that time, I was sitting in the stands behind Master, and I only had a view of his back. Master often turned back and said: "Those sitting behind me will not be left out - they are even closer to me."

Some practitioners were unable to get tickets and were left waiting outside. The people in charge arranged so that some of them could sit on the gym floor, and others could watch a live recording in the hallway. Afterwards, Master went especially to see them.

Each time Master stepped into the meeting room, all the practitioners responded with warm applause. After finishing the last lecture, Master answered questions from practitioners, and then some practitioners presented him with flowers and silk banners. The scene was very harmonious and wonderful.

When Master got to the door to leave, he suddenly turned back to the meeting room, rotated a big Falun in the air and then pushed it out to us. I didn't know it at the time, but this was the last series of Fa-teaching lectures that Master would give.

Whenever I recall this period, I always feel very happy, and illuminated by the light of the Fa. "The infinite beauty and wonder are beyond words." (Hong Yin).