(Clearwisdom.net) Some practitioners are often troubled by not getting good enough results in clarifying the truth, and lose their confidence because of that. Some Beijing practitioners even said, "I don't do a good job. If I tell people the facts, I worry that the audience will say something that's not respectful (to Falun Dafa), which is worse for them. I'd better not do this anymore." In fact, this is not the case at all.

Looking at their reason, it is mainly due to their not having studied the Fa well. Master has always stressed the importance of studying the Fa. It is necessary for us to succeed in cultivation in Falun Dafa. At the same time, at the current critical moment of Fa-rectification, it lays a solid foundation in validating the Fa, clarifying the truth and saving people completely and effectively, so that we can play our roles as Falun Dafa practitioners. We should settle down our minds and give up our attachments while studying the Fa. We cannot continue to use a human mentality to understand problems and study the Fa like learning other knowledge. Otherwise it is hard for us to enlighten to the many inner meanings of the Fa principles.

Falun Dafa practitioners cultivate compassion. We should consider the future of the people. When we tell them the facts, every little bit they hear and accept is eliminating the bad things in their minds, and their risk of being weeded out is reduced. When the bad thoughts are completely eliminated, they are safe. On the contrary, if we don't clarify the truth to people, then their thoughts and factors that oppose and hate Falun Dafa cannot be eliminated. In that case, regardless of whether or not they say anything that is disrespectful to Falun Dafa, the fact that they have bad thoughts in their minds cannot be changed. Then, how can they be exempted from being weeded out when the Fa rectifies the human world?

If many people still have thoughts that oppose or resent Falun Dafa, shouldn't we have compassion for them? Shouldn't we consider them, and hurry up to tell them the truth and save them?

Meanwhile, for Fa-rectification Dafa disciples, if we don't clarify the truth because we don't want to work hard in cultivation and don't understand the Fa, or because we are too busy in everyday life to clarify the truth, or for any other excuse, we are risking our own futures. Master has taught us the Fa in this regard very clearly over the years. There will be no chance to cultivate with the next generation of cultivators.

Speaking about the effect of clarifying the truth, as a matter of fact, when we purely consider the future of people, and tell them the facts calmly, our words carry huge energy, which can penetrate the audience at microcosmic levels and take effect.

Sometimes, for the sake of their reputation or habits, people continue to say that they don't agree. In fact, this gives us more angles and opportunities to keep clarifying the truth. We should not be perturbed by superficial phenomena. We should continue to do what we should do, and say what we should say. Some people have lots of questions, and pose that "I don't easily accept others' ideas." But next time when he meets someone who has his old questions, he would tell that person the facts and reasons that you told him. That's because he has accepted your words, and you have eliminated the bad thoughts in his mind.

If the person really has many misunderstandings and questions, it is a good thing for him to ask you in person, no matter what his attitude is. We can help him to clarify his understanding with focus, and directly eliminate the bad things. Especially with our family members, relatives, and other acquaintances, we can find the next chance to continue to tell them the facts if we are not able to eliminate their bad thoughts all at once.

Some practitioners told me, "I don't speak well. I don't answer well." But that is not an excuse for not clarifying the truth. It only shows that we should improve our understanding. When there is something we are not able to answer, it shows that we need to do more Fa study in the corresponding area, improve our xinxing [heart or mind nature, moral character], and be more careful in understanding and clarifying the truth. The process of clarifying the truth is also a process of cultivation and improving xinxing. It won't be without difficulty. Looking at ourselves as cultivators when facing difficulties is critical to whether we can improve.

If you lose confidence because you don't do well in clarifying the truth, and stop clarifying the truth, isn't that what the dark minions and rotten ghosts want? You would be ruined. The people who are supposed to get the truth from you are also ruined because they weren't able to get the truth.

Now that we have read Master's new article, we have all realized that the time is limited. We should try our best to do the three things that Master asked us to do.