(Clearwisdom.net) Several days ago, I suddenly took a fall while riding a bike. At the time, I thought that a tumble was not a big deal. Later, I realized that thought was not righteous, because by thinking that way, I was once again accepting the old forces' arrangements. The old forces always make up something to "improve" me, but I cannot acknowledge this at all. Now, whenever my leg happens to touch something, it is somewhat painful--it seems to be trying to draw my attention. I do not pay attention to these manifestations at all, and just do the things that I should do.

No matter what happens, we should just do the things that we are supposed to do. Every day, I am just doing things I should do. I no longer feel excited after clarifying the truth to someone in daily life, since that is just my mission. Regardless of the battle between righteous and evil, or other things we are doing, Teacher is using these opportunities to help Dafa practitioners become mature, and reach consummation. This is the most important thing. In my personal understanding, when Teacher teaches the Fa, it is as if describing a tree. Sometimes He talks about the big picture from different angles, and sometimes He specifically talks about a certain part, such as the leaves or trunk. Nonetheless, He wants us to study Fa without any human notions. The process of Fa-study is a process of stepping away from human notions.