(Clearwisdom.net) There is a true story circulating in a city in Heilongjiang Province. A Dafa practitioner had bravely rescued an elderly person who suddenly became ill. This story became a topic of discussion and also efficiently exposed Jiang's lies to further validate Dafa.

One day in the year 2000, in a city in Heilongjiang Province, an elderly woman in her 60's had a sudden epileptic seizure. It happened in a familiar neighborhood, about 20 meters away from a market place. Her whole body convulsed violently, and she was unable to move. Many people had surrounded her, but none dared to assist; all of them were at in a panic and didn't know what to do.

At this critical moment a young man walked by. When he had fully assessed the situation, he stepped forward and helped the elderly woman lay down, letting her lay on his lap. Sitting on the cold floor, the young man held the woman. She was already foaming blood, her lips bluish, and teeth clenched tightly, her body going into uncontrollable spasms. It was a very frightening scene! While pinching her philtrum (an acupuncture point), he asked the bystanders to find her family members. He massaged her chest and put pressure on the hegu point (an acupuncture point between the thumb and index finger). After about 20 minutes, the old lady let out a long breath and then became more alert. Her face slowly regained its color, and she was out of danger. When her family members arrived the people around them said, "The old lady has met a great person and was rescued, thanks to this young man! He is so great, you must reward him."

The young man said, "Its nothing! No need to repay me! Where is there a family that doesn't have an elderly person or parents? This is what I should do."

People all around were moved by the young man's noble character, and some said, "This is really rare!"

The young person said, "My Teacher taught us to always think of others first, be a good person, and when you meet a problem, always look inward. He also taught us to always upgrade our moral character and have compassion. How could I see someone in danger and not try to help?"

They asked him, "What is your belief?"

The young man replied, "I practice Falun Gong. I follow the standards of Truthfulness- Compassion- Forbearance."

People all around were shocked.

The young man said, "Do not believe in the television or the newspaper's propaganda. That is all lies and defamation; it is all fabricated! It is all political propaganda that deceives the public. True Falun Gong practitioners will all act as I have done."

People around witnessed the entire process of how a Falun Gong practitioner helped someone and discussed it, "Look how fine people who practice Falun Gong are acting. Looks like we can't heed the television and newspaper propaganda! Falun Gong has really been wronged! Justice definitely will return! If people in our country would all be like the Falun Gong practitioners, society would be better off and the corrupt members of society would be gone already."

They were discussing, and pondering this issue.