Solemn Declaration

In September 2002 my elder sister was detained for practicing Falun Gong and for going to Beijing to appeal. When my family was ordered to take her home, they demanded a signature on a certain document during the release procedure. I am not a practitioner and did not know anything, so I signed my sister Han Yaqin's name. I made a mistake and let my sister down. I declare my signature to be no longer valid. I have sympathy towards Dafa practitioners.

Han Yazhen, Mainland China

December 14, 2003

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Solemn Declaration

I am a student and had signed my name during our school's anti-Falun Gong "movement" in my 3rd grade. Moreover, after I listened to a truth-clarification audio tape, I did not pass it on to other people; instead, I erased the tape. Now I know I did wrong and I want to issue this statement. From now on, I will not do anything that will let Falun Dafa down.

Yuan Huizhu

December 17, 2003

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