(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Dafa practitioner in Yingkou City, Liaoning Province. This year I turned 21. Although I learned Falun Dafa a few years ago, I was numb for a long time and did not strive forward in cultivation because I rarely studied the Fa (law, principles) or did the three things Dafa disciples are required to do during the Fa-rectification period. Plus, I had an attachment to the pursuit of comfort. Everyday I went to work as usual, but I rarely contacted other practitioners. I was almost not counted as a practitioner. Teacher, however, is very merciful and does not want to leave one single disciple behind. In a sudden traffic accident, it was Teacher who protected me and made it possible for me to obtain a new life, allowing me to personally witness the miraculous and supernormal Dafa (great law). It also awakened me to the true understanding that cultivation is serious, grand, and majestic. Here is my personal experience.

As I crossed the road at about five o'clock on the afternoon of December 14, 2003, a bus knocked me down, and my bicycle flew out from under me. I felt my head strike the windshield of the bus, and then I collapsed on the ground. Since the bus had been moving very fast, I was thrown under it. The bus did not stop until the front tire was against my legs. Inertia flung the bus across the road. Both the people on the bus and in the street were all shocked and thought I would die. The bus attendant quickly jumped out and dragged me out from underneath the bus. He asked me my home phone number to inform my family. After I told him my boss's home phone number, I fell unconscious and knew nothing more. I did not know that people took me to the hospital and rescued me.

When I was unconscious, I felt as if I were someplace else. I saw an ancient house with white walls and a red bronze door. White mist covered the ground. A little girl, about 11 or 12 years old, came out of the door. She approached me and said angrily, "Debts have to be settled. Give me your life." I also heard a voice say, "Just forgive her! She already paid her spiritual debt to you. After she succeeds in cultivation in the future, she will compensate you with good fortune." The little girl smiled, clapped her hands, and said, "That's great!" She turned around and went back to the house. Suddenly Teacher's words came into my mind:

"Debts have to be settled. So on your cultivation path some dangerous things might happen. But when these things happen you won't be scared, and we won't let you get into real danger."(Chapter Three of Zhuan Falun)

After that, I saw myself surrounded by various colored lights and felt very comfortable. It was very clear to me that it was Teacher who saved me. I said in my heart, "Thank you Teacher! You have given me a second chance. My thanks cannot be expressed in mere words. Only if I strive forward, truly cultivate, and fulfill my historic great vow, can I be worthy of Teacher's merciful and arduous rescue."

When I regained consciousness, I did not know why I was in the hospital. My mother told me, "You were hit by a bus." Slowly I recalled the situation. It was so miraculous. The bus hit me with such force, but I was not injured at all. I only had a bump on my head, but I did not feel any pain and there was no bleeding. My mind was clear. Both the bus driver and the others around me said, "Your family has truly accumulated great virtue." My mother and I said, "It is good fortune obtained through studying Falun Dafa. Otherwise, I would already be dead. Please remember that Falun Dafa is good, and it will bring you infinite good fortune. Do not believe what is said on TV. They are lies." The next day, I left the hospital.

After this near death experience, I feel I have become another person and my body is light. Now I really understand that the true purpose of life is to return to my original, true self. None of the things in the human world are important to me any more. The Fa alone is the most important thing in my life. Before, I did not strive forward and I let many attachments, bad notions, selfishness, fear, etc. block my way. I did not dare to clarify the truth and validate Dafa and only talked to a few people about the truth. Now I have broken through the barriers. My heart is open. I have already experienced life and death. It was Teacher who dragged me back. I do not fear clarifying the truth anymore. I know many people need to be saved, which is my mission. Otherwise, I would be letting down all the lives that place their hopes in me and, even worse, I would be unworthy of Teacher's merciful rescue. When studying the Fa with fellow practitioners for the past several days, I felt my heart was very pure and did not have one bit of human thought. Only Dafa and the three things Dafa practitioners should do were in my heart.

I want to encourage my fellow practitioners with these words from Teacher's lecture Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference, "Looking at you, Master is so worried! Looking at you, Master is so worried!" Now the Fa-rectification is approaching the end of the end. Strive forward quickly! If you miss this lucky chance, it will be too late for regrets.