(Clearwisdom.net) On December 11, 2003, Australian citizen Esther Wang's elder sister Wang Wei was released from the Jiangbei Forced Labor Camp in Chongqing City of Sichuang Province, prior to the expiration of her term. This was achieved with the support of the appeal of an overseas rescue campaign. Upon her release, she was much thinner than before her imprisonment, but she was in good spirits.

Wang Wei was arrested on the New Year's Day 2002, when meeting with other practitioners. After being illegally detained for three months, Wang Wei was sentenced to two years of forced labor. All of this took place without any legal procedures. Her sister Esther Wang, who is residing in Australia, called on the Australian government and international community many times to help rescue her, as well as Esther's brother-in-law, Wu Hongpo, and mother, Li Jielin. Her mother and brother-in-law were also wrongfully detained. On December 1, of this year the Australian Senate formally Passed Resolution 704, which supports the campaign of rescuing the families of Australian Citizens from being persecuted in China.

Wang Wei is another successful case in the campaign to rescue Falun Dafa practitioners incarcerated in China, as is the release of Australian citizen Li Qizhong's fianc¨¦, Li Ying.