(Clearwisdom.net) On December 18, the Dehui City Court in Jilin Province conducted an illegal trial for 13 Falun Dafa practitioners. Before dawn on December 17, other practitioners hung a speaker on the high-voltage lines near the Dehui City Detention Center to broadcast the facts of the persecution. At 5:30 AM the broadcast began and lasted for an hour. The neighboring residents heard the true situation about Falun Dafa and the persecution against it.

Details of the illegal trail of 13 Dafa practitioners conducted by the Dehui City Court:

The Trial Itself

On December 18, 2003, Dehui City Court officials illegally tried 13 Dafa practitioners who had been detained for a 13 months beyond their original terms. The illegal trial began at 9 AM and lasted for an hour and at the end these 13 Dafa practitioners were given heavy sentences of 3 to 12 years: Sun Qian, 12 years; Liu Dianling, 11 years; Zhang Wenfen, 10 years; Liu Baijun, 9 years; Jiang Chunxian, 8 years; Hu Jie, Jia Yunxia, and Yang Jun, 7 years each; Zhang Yan and Wei Guangxue, 6 years each; Lin Hongfei, 4 years; Zhou Jibin and Jiang Wenbin, 3 years each.

Old Tactics Used Again

During this illegal trial, the gate to the court was firmly closed, a security line was set up in front of the gate, over 20 armed policemen stood guard in front of the gate and at each side of the court, and five or six police vehicles were parked in front of the gate. Three officers were stationed on top of the building as lookouts. About 20 plain-clothes police were stationed near the court. They blended into the crowd or hid inside nearby stores. In order to prevent Dafa practitioners from placing speakers to broadcast the truth, the Police Department rented a special truck with a "cherrypicker" lift and thoroughly searched the tops of several buildings near the court in the morning.

Unjustified Abductions

After the trial began, several police arrested Sun Ke and Peng Xiangyang, family members of Falun Gong practitioners, in broad daylight near the security line of the gate because they were promoting justice and exposing the evil. They were sent to the police station, where they were illegally detained.

Impossible to Defend Effectively

Although the police kept watch around the court the night before and carefully searched the tops of buildings in the morning, Dafa practitioners with their strong righteous thoughts were still able to place a loudspeaker next to the gas station that was opposite the court. Just after 9:00 AM, a broadcast began from a loudspeaker that revealed the true situation of Falun Dafa and exposed the crimes committed by the authorities, throwing the policemen nearby into panic and confusion. They took immediate action and jumped on the bicycle that held the speaker. Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts and righteous actions terrify the police who are afraid of the public knowing the crimes they have committed against innocent people.

Magnificent Feats to Rectify the Fa

During the illegal trial, all the Dafa practitioners in Dehui City formed a whole body and sent righteous thoughts to eliminate evil factors in other dimensions. Some Dafa practitioners came out openly and above-board, gathered near the court, sent righteous thoughts at close quarters, clarified the truth, and exposed the evil. When the 13 Dafa practitioners were driven back to the detention center in police vehicles, about 20 Dafa practitioners who stood near the court shouted together, "Falun Dafa is good!" This greatly frightened the police, who don't want the public to know the truth. The plain-clothes policemen in the crowd seized the opportunity to abduct two Dafa practitioners, Dr. Shao Zuoshen and his son Shao Fangdong. They are currently being detained in the Dehui City Detention Center.

More Dafa Practitioners Abducted

In addition, when Dafa practitioners Sun Dawei and Zhang Xuedong carried video cameras past the court's gate, to document the illegal trial proceedings, the police discovered them and gave chase in their vehicles. Zhang Xuedong was caught on Second Central Street, while Sun Dawei resisted with all his strength and managed to get away. At the same time Mr. Wang, a taxi driver, was also taken away. Now they are both being held in the detention center.

The responsible parties and their phone numbers:

Country code is 86; area code is 431 (do not dial area code before a cell phone number)

Secretary of the Dehui City Political and Judiciary Committee Zhou Hongwu: 7237559(o), 7219988(h), 13943121016(c) or 13904397518(c)

Director of the Dehui City Police Department Guo Guangtian: 7222192(o), 7275949(h), 13804397339(c)

Vice-director of the Dehui City Police Department Wang Chengsen: 7233759(o), 7265669(h), 13844111888(c)

Chair of the Political and Security Section, Dehui City Police Department, Zhao Yujie, 7222053(o), 7224923(h), 13504397188(c)

Vice Chair of the Political and Security Section, Dehui City Police Department, Zhang Qianchun, 7222053(o), 7264567(h), 13630545335(c)

Chair of the Law Enforcement Section of Dehui City Police Department Fan Bo: 7222206(o), 7238694(h), 13504493555(c)

Chief Procurator of the Dehui City Prosecutor Zhang Hongshan: 7272885(o), 7279888(h), 13904393999(c)

The Second Complaint Section of the Dehui City Procuratorate, Sun Yongchao: 7272884-417(o)

Dean of Dehui City Court Zhao Hongtian:7223401(o), 7212111(h), 13904397689(c) or 13578816699(c)

Vice Dean of Dehui City Court Sheng Yuzhong, 7223140(o), 7279608 (h), 13904392377(c) or 13943121377 (c)

Director of the Administrative Department Wang Jisheng: 7267836(h), 13844929038(c)

Vice Director of the Administrative Department Han Fengyun 7226455(o) 7239640(h)

Chair of the Dehui City 610 Office Li Yuke: 7234600(o), 13943021087(h)

Director of the Dehui City Detention Center Ding Richao, 7273438(o)

Vice Director of the Dehui City Detention Center Liu Yuhu: 13086827618(c)

The gate guard at the Dehui City Detention Center: 7275375

The prison doctor at the Dehui City Detention Center, Li Yazhou