(Clearwisdom.net) The Bureau of National Security in Shanghai used various psychological tactics and approaches to intimidate, deceive and brainwash Lin Hsiao-kai. They spread all kinds of rumors and lies. They even dispatched special agents to collect details of Lin's family life. While they were illegally detaining and interrogating Lin, they went so far as to slander the persecution cases disclosed on Clearwisdom. Even though their intensive brainwashing might have had some superficial effect, what is the eventual outcome? At present, Lin Hsiao-kai still is a Falun Gong practitioner, and his experiences at the hands of his captors have further strengthened his belief in "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance."

The Bureau of National Security in Shanghai videotaped Lin Hsiao-kai throughout his detention and tricked him into saying things against his will . They also forced Lin to sign some sort of "Guarantee Statement." But what is the use of all this? Would the Bureau of National Security in Shanghai dare to show all the videotapes and his signature to the public? If they dare to do so, wouldn't Falun Gong practitioners overseas, and in Taiwan in particular, have one more piece of strong evidence to sue Jiang Zemin? Wouldn't it be the case that the more they managed to brainwash Lin Hsiao-kai, the clearer it would show the cruelty of the Bureau of National Security in Shanghai under the Jiang regime's control? Would they dare to expose their criminal conduct in kidnapping Taiwanese people, in brainwashing and twisting Taiwanese people's minds?

The Bureau of National Security in Shanghai also intimidated and tried to force Lin Hsiao-kai to become their special agent. They even used various schemes to test Lin. But after Mr. Lin's wife exposed to the world their criminal conduct of kidnapping , these criminals were extremely fearful. They tried to foment discord between Lin and his wife by telling Lin that his wife was hurting and harming him by doing so. They even tried to trick Lin into calling his wife to stop her righteous actions. When all their efforts were in vain and when there was nothing else they could do but release Lin, they threatened Lin not to disclose their criminal acts after his return to Taiwan. They even went to far as to threaten that they could come to Taiwan to get him. How ridiculous this threat is! It is like as if Taiwan had also been haunted by Jiang's regime. What has happened instead? Lin Hsiao-kai has exposed all the schemes used by the Bureau of National Security in Shanghai to people from all walks of life.

We also know that National Security agents from China used the same retinue of schemes and approaches overseas on other Dafa practitioners. They either directly threatened Dafa practitioners who had returned to China from overseas or threatened and intimidated their family members to force them to provide information. It is true that some individuals did give in to the evil to a certain degree due to fear at the time. It is hoped these individuals can expose the hideous conduct of the National Security agents, and at the same time, eliminate this major stain in their cultivation.

American President Franklin D. Roosevelt talked about four freedoms in his inaugural speech on January 6, 1941: freedom of belief, freedom of speech, freedom from fear and freedom from deficiency. Falun Gong practitioners' freedom of belief and freedom of speech have been completely deprived of by Jiang's regime, and the Bureau of National Security in Shanghai controlled by Jiang's regime has directly encroached upon people's freedom from fear. Perhaps the schemes and measures used by the Bureau of National Security in Shanghai would have its way amongst ordinary people and ordinary groups, but the principles of "Truth-Compassion -Forbearance" can dispel all fear in a practitioner's mind.

The case of the Bureau of National Security in Shanghai kidnapping and deceiving Lin Hsiao-kai has helped the public clearly see that the so-called "National Security" is not "national security," but "national terrorism" and "the security of Jiang's regime," and that they cannot bear to be exposed.