(Clearwisdom.net) On September 30, 2002, police arrested Ma Guilin at his home using force. According to witnesses, a total of sixteen people were involved in this event, including not only police from Yuhanlu Police Station, people from the street office and from the Socialism Institute of Shandong Province where Mr. Ma had worked, but also six temporary staff. The elderly Ms. Wang, a witness, accused those people of persecuting a good person. People who experienced this incident made widespread comments, but they all came to one conclusion: Mr. Ma is an honest and good man. "It is not proper to treat him like this, just because he, an old man, and practices Falun Gong."

The Socialism Institute, directly reporting to the Province United Front, is heavily involved in the persecution of Falun Gong. For one year and seven months Mr. Ma did not receive his salary. The institution, in cooperation with the "610" office, expelled him from the Party and detained him unlawfully.

People who were involved in this arrest are listed below:

Chen Liming at the Socialism Institute, 86-531-2737926 (Home), 86-531-2737927(Work)

Mr. Zhang, the deputy chief at Yuhanlu Police Station, 86-13001739552(work)