December 29, 2003

( Upon learning of the torture death of Mr. Liu Chengjun on December 26th, my tears kept running down my face. No words can express my deep sorrow. I can only suppress my sadness and write this short article to commemorate our hero.

For the past year, I've seen news about him. At the time of his arrest, the police shot him in the leg, knowing he was already injured. He suffered numerous tortures in jail. Two months ago, he fell into a coma. Now he is gone, after suffering 21 months of torture. He died with severe wounds.

I never met him. Under the iron curtain weaved by the dictator's lies, he put aside his own safety and broadcast the truth of Falun Gong. His act was like thunder and lightening, tearing open the darkness and bringing hope for the sunshine. In the lightening, I saw his persistent face. This is how I got to know him.

He must have known the insanity of the dictator before he conducted such an act. However, he did not have the slightest hesitation. How many innocent Falun Gong practitioners have died of torture in the past three years without being heard of? How many practitioners are still suffering torture, with no one paying attention to them? How many people are still full of hatred towards Falun Gong under the influence of the lies and false propaganda? He could not bear to see the tragedy go on, so he went ahead, knowing full well that he might have to sacrifice his own life.

A brave life, a noble soul, and a hero is gone, leaving the survivors with great sorrow. I can only deeply hope that the blood shed by this hero can wash away the hatred and awaken the consciences that have been buried by the lies.

I still cannot believe that such a young life would be tortured to death by the perpetrators. This tragedy can only let people see more clearly the evil's true nature. The violence can only lead to destruction of the evil itself!

What else can such despicable murder bring except for showing their brutality and cowardice, inspiring more people to follow the hero, and accelerating the evil's destruction?

I firmly believe that one day, history will turn back to today's page. By then, people will re-evaluate everything happening today and remember such a name -- Liu Chengjun.

The hero has departed, but his righteousness will remain forever.