(Clearwisdom.net) Some practitioners had asked Teacher a question. They wanted Teacher to guide them to be able to see the Fa-rectification revealed in Zhuan Falun. Previously, I had also considered this question. Searching on the surface of the book I could not find even a trace of the answer. Actually, Teacher said:

"If you want to see words in Zhuan Falun discussing the Fa-rectification things I'm telling you to do today, you'll never see them. As a cultivating Dafa disciple, a Dafa disciple of the Fa-rectification period, regarding what you should do, you can understand that from Zhuan Falun and you can find out from the Fa's truths. Not only can you comprehend things to that extent, regarding what to do specifically and how you can do well, as you continue to read the book more you'll be able to even see the things of the next stage--even they can be pointed out to you. And it doesn't stop there: things of even the final step can be pointed out to you. No matter how high a level you cultivate to, everything is in there" (Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference).

Even though Teacher revealed this, it is still difficult to understand what Teacher said.

Late one day when studying the Fa, I suddenly realized that Teacher has saved over a hundred million of us, isn't that a great example? When Teacher first began spreading the Fa, we had such a multitude and diverse group of practitioners. There were politicians, various types of medical workers, people working within the military, science, business, religion, and former red army veterans and cadres. If Teacher started off teaching such a profound Fa, many people would definitely not be able to take in everything. So Teacher uses the method of teaching the Fa from the superficial to the profound in accordance with people's individual notions. Little by little, people become more enlightened, and the Fa is taught more profoundly.

As we are clarifying the truth during the Fa-rectification period, we cannot start off by speaking of high-level things. Especially during these days, if we speak a little of high-level things, people would not believe any of it because many people do not even believe in Gods. We should clarify the truth based on the listener's ability to understand. In this way, it is easier for people to accept the facts.

For example, my sister did not believe in Gods. Just at the mention of God she would say, "Where's God? If there's a God, how come our human society is in its current state?" She also thought that practitioners were getting involved in politics when clarifying the truth and posting Dafa materials. Yet, I have found that my sister believes in science. She very much values educating her child and is always trying to find her child some useful books. Because of this, I started clarifying the truth to her from her own perspective. When we talked about Dafa, we talked about its scientific aspect, along with new scientific discoveries. For example, in Western countries there appeared things such as past-life therapy, and acknowledgement of prehistoric culture. I also pointed out to her the mistakes regarding the theory of evolution. Once during one of our conversations, she suddenly realized, "All I've been trying to find is over there with you guys. I'll definitely let him (her child) learn Zhuan Falun!"