(Clearwisdom.net) Prior to the New Year's Festival, the leader of my work unit asked me to give a performance at the New Year's party. I agreed, since I thought any opportunity of clarifying the truth should not be missed.

I planned to sing the Dafa practitioners' song, "Ru Meng Ling: Dedu" (" Be Saved"), but I still felt a little worried that this song would not be readily accepted by ordinary people and would affect the image of Dafa. Then I thought this over again from the viewpoint of Dafa. Anything that belongs to Dafa is most sacred, even if ordinary people may not appreciate it immediately. However, the profound connotation behind the song and the pure compassionate heart of a Dafa disciple will move ordinary people deeply. So I decided to sing the song.

On the day of the party, I went to the beauty salon to have a new hairstyle and put on simple, graceful clothing and makeup. My colleagues all said that I was very beautiful that night.

When it was my turn to sing, I started to devote my whole heart to singing "Be Saved." Early into the song, I infused all my hopes of awakening sentient beings. Afterwards, a colleague gave me a bouquet of beautiful flowers. I was very touched.

The leader said in surprise, "What song is this? Why is the melody so unusual? Who wrote it? It is very nice, very special!" I told her that if she wanted to learn it, I would teach her.

A colleague who has a positive attitude toward Dafa said, "I feel that you were singing with your heart. I can hear that your spiritual heart is warm and you have a very deep conviction. You love living beings and life very much and you are enthusiastic and upright." She encouraged me to be firm in my principles and not yield to the evil persecution. Justice will prevail, she assured.

Another colleague said to me quietly, "I understand the meaning in your song. You want us to go up one more level." We smiled at each other knowingly.

This experience has been an inspiration to me. I was also enlightened by it. When we do Dafa work, we should not be affected by the views of ordinary people. If the basic premise has no problem, we should put it into action immediately. No matter where we are, the harmonious Dafa will give an immeasurably beautiful and happy feeling to sentient beings.