(Clearwisdom.net) In Falun Dafa cultivation, there are many amazing stories. The following is a true story about a little boy who is less than two years old.

Before the Jiang' regime's persecution of Falun Dafa, there were many practice sites throughout the country which were voluntarily formed by Dafa practitioners in order to teach the practice free of charge. At our practice site, a banner hung by two bamboo poles stated "Free Teaching of Falun Dafa Exercises." There were also several exercise charts, introduction posters, and so on.

After April 1999, the situation was becoming more and more tense with each passing day, and plainclothes public security guards frequently visited our practice site. Our hearts felt very heavy'''', and we treasured even more the time that we would be able to practice outside. Therefore, each time we practiced, we hung up the exercise charts and instruction banners to facilitate new practitioners.

On the last day that we could practice outside, right as we finished our practice it started pouring rain, and many people were in a hurry to go home. Some of the practitioners who took turns taking care of the banners were not there, so there was not enough help to put away the materials. A young mother watching nearby was holding a little boy who was less than two years old. The little boy struggled to get down, but his mother held him tight and did not let him down. He struggled very hard so the mother had to put him down. Amazingly, he quickly walked to the place where we kept the banners, bent down, picked up the folded banner with both hands, and step by step he began staggering over towards the place where the materials were piled up. I was completely shocked by his actions. After I realized what he was doing and went to take over the job, the little boy held the Dafa banner tightly and 'would not let it go, saying "I want to do it too." Words could not express how I felt, and tears almost came down my face. I loosened my grip on the banner. His small face was very serious, and the expression on his face was firm and resolute. He staggered along and placed the banner on the pile of materials.

I walked over to hold the folded banner in my hands and felt that it was quite heavy. It was a large banner made of thick cotton. The weight must have been close to the weight of the little boy. ' Next, the little boy went to pick up the two bamboo poles and put them down in the right place. He did it in an organized fashion, and he was even more careful than an adult.

I said to the boy's mother, "Your child is really great!" She told me that the child could crawl when he was six months old. One day she had left him in the bedroom while she was cooking in the kitchen. The kitchen and bedroom doors faced each other and were both left open. While she was cooking the meal, she also kept an eye on him. All of a sudden, she saw the boy crawling past his toys towards the other side of the bedroom where his wooden crib was. The crib had wooden rails around it. The boy held onto the crib's leg and gradually stood up and leaned on the crib. Then he used his arms to hold onto the rails (because he was less than seven months, he 'could not stand up by himself). Next he faced the 'picture of Master, which was hanging on the wall, and showed his respect with both of his palms closed together in front of his chest. While watching this, his mother was totally shocked and 'just stood there holding a spatula in her hands. I said to his mother "Your son is smart," and asked her if her husband had ever seen her son do that same thing. She said, "We' never realized he could do that."

This little disciple left a strong impression on me, for he already knew to respect the Teacher when he was only six months old, and he knew to protect the Dafa banners when he was less than two years old. Sometimes when I think about those practitioners who have turned against Falun Dafa and even persecute practitioners viciously after receiving Teacher's graciousness, I really don't know what to say.

A Young Disciple's Sincerity

A young Dafa disciple named Yuanyuan (pseudonym) is ten years old this year. Her mother often used money she saved to spend on truth-clarification materials, and the family lived an impoverished lifestyle. Yuanyuan also wanted to help her mother. For a period of time, without letting her family know, she collected and sold the cans, cardboard and other items that people had discarded. When there was enough for one Yuan*, she would go to the food store to exchange to it for a coin. When her parents caught her doing this, they reprimanded her several times. Finally one day, Yuanyuan had accumulated ten Yuan, and with conviction, handed the ten coins to her mother and said, "This is the money I saved by picking up waste. Please take it to print more truth-clarification materials!" Her mother took the ten coins, and was speechless for a while.

*Yuan is the unit of Chinese currency. The monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan.