(Clearwisdom.net) At the Dalian Labor Camp in Liaoning Province, Falun Gong practitioners are brutally tortured. However, because information from inside is tightly blocked, outsiders barely know anything about the true situation.

Over 130 Female Practitioners Are Detained In The Female Division

The police force practitioners to do hard labor twelve to sixteen hours a day and forbid them from talking to each other. One practitioner had her term extended for forty days because she expressed her appreciation to another very determined practitioner. Whoever refuses to say, "Greetings captain" also is given an extended term. In addition, practitioners are forced to undergo body searches every time they come back from meeting with their family members on visiting day.

Police direct inmates to persecute those very determined practitioners. They send collaborators [former practitioners who have turned against Dafa under pressure] to monitor practitioners who wrote pledges promising to give up cultivation against their will. As for those practitioners who wrote pledges before but have now declared that they will practice again, the police specifically order one inmate to torture each of them. When practitioners first arrive in the labor camp, the guards give them several days to renounce their belief before beginning to brainwash and torture them. If they refuse to be "brainwashed," then they are forced to stand for extended periods of time without moving. Some were forced to stand for six days straight. Practitioners are stripped and forced to stand near an open window in very cold weather, and if this method still fails, then they order inmates to forcibly insert objects such as mop handles or burning chili peppers into female practitioners' vaginas. Here they direct inmates to serve as their hatchet men. Zhang Xiujuan serves as the head of the inmates used to torture Dafa practitioners.

Over Fifty Male Practitioners Are Detained At The Male Division

  1. Liu Xiyong is in his fifties. He is a farmer from the Jinzhou area. The team captain Liu Zhongke and several other inmates gagged his mouth with a cloth because he shouted, "Falun Dafa is good" during the tight regulation period. As a result, several of his teeth were knocked out.
  2. Gong Fajiu is also in his fifties. He is a farmer from Wafangdian City. The team head Luo Xiaochen resents him because he once exposed Luo's crime against practitioners. Due to long-term detainment and torture, Gong Fajiu developed symptoms such as dizziness, back pain, and fatigue in his upper limbs, etc. The labor camp allowed him to go to a hospital to seek medical treatment, however, Luo did not allow him to be transferred to a big hospital. Instead, he sent him to the confinement cell to be tortured further, claiming that Gong does not work hard enough.
  3. Qin Ling is twenty-three years old. In 2003, he declared that all of the former denouncements against Falun Gong he made under pressure were invalid. The team head, Wang Huajin, beat him until his eardrum was broken and Wang did not allow him to be treated. The police director Huang Xiaodong and Song Hengyue incited inmates to handcuff Qin and drag him to the large cell. Qin was tortured there for several months. They directed inmates to strike his legs until they were swollen. They hung him up by his four limbs and ordered inmates to kick the handcuffs, causing him to suffer tremendously. In the extremely hot and humid summer, in order to torture him, they forced him to wear a helmet filled with cotton, causing him to sweat and and not be able to open his eyes. They even tightened up his helmet until he almost suffocated.

The vicious inmates are: Chen Long, Li Zihui and Lin Yongjin, etc.

The "610 Office"* Spy Zhou Fengwu Uses Every Means to Brainwash Practitioners

*"610 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems)

Since 2003, Zhou Fengwu has spread rumors and threatened practitioners. He collected practitioners' phone numbers and harassed practitioners and their families constantly. He triggered conflicts among practitioners. He even made up a set of political theories and asked practitioners to study them. Fortunately, several practitioners saw his ridiculousness and became clear-headed.