(Clearwisdom.net) Nowadays, more and more Chinese people are taking trips to Europe. Even in winter, there is a constant stream of Chinese visitors to France. As the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution spreads more widely and deeply around the world and in China itself, many Chinese people are reconsidering their opinion of Falun Gong. As they begin to see through the Jiang regime's lies, people have been able to think over the persecution and have a proper understanding about Dafa.

Practitioners often meet people who know the facts and say things like "Falun Dafa is good. Long live Falun Gong! "I wish you success. "I want to hear more about Falun Gong. Is there any material that differs from what I already have? There are also many people who want to learn Falun Gong.

On one occasion, a few practitioners came across a bus-load of tourists. One of them said, "We all want to learn, but we can't find it in China.

Some practitioners replied, "There are many people practicing Falun Gong in China. You will find it as long as you have that heart to learn. Not only does Falun Gong make people healthy, but it is also beneficial to the spirit. It can enlarge your capacity for tolerance.

Many people said, "We all want to learn! They told us frequently, "You have been working so hard. I hope you don't feel tired.

Practitioners told them in return, "We are willing to do so, no matter how much we have done. We will come again and again!

It was not uncommon to run into Chinese delegations of senior officials. When they rejected truth clarification materials, practitioners would tell them that, "There is a Global trial for Jiang Zemin. Good and evil will get their just rewards. The self-immolation at Tiananmen Square is a fake. It is good luck that you have the chance to learn the facts. Some of them gave a smile of understanding even though they did not say anything.

On one occasion, some Chinese tourists said, "We are all government officials. We feel angry but don't dare to speak out. If we take Falun Gong materials, we will be influenced. Please do not resent us. We have to follow the government. Don't be misled or bothered by our cold facial expressions. We know the situation in China is very cruel. It is not hard to imagine. Thank you very much, and we wish you happiness and peacefulness.

Many tour guides felt sympathetic towards us after realicing the facts. Some spoke to us in a low tone, "Hurry up, give a copy to every one of them.

On another occasion, a tour guide was heard to tell members of his group, "The more you listen, the more you benefit. Many members took materials after listening to him.

In addition to asking members of his tour group to read the materials, some tour guides helped to distribute materials to the Chinese visitors in other tour groups. Practitioners told them, "What you did is of boundless kindness and merit because the good and the evil will receive justice. They nodded their heads without a smile.

One practitioner also noticed that some tour guides are very quick-witted. When many people in their tour groups didn't understand the contents of the truth materials, they would purposely ask these people to wait for the bus at the place where Dafa practitioners distribute materials. This has provided them with sufficient time to exchange opinions with Dafa practitioners.

A western Dafa practitioner gave birth not so long ago. She persisted to clarify the facts to the Chinese tourists at the tourist's spots, carrying her two month-old baby. Whenever Chinese tourists passed by, she would say, "Please remember Falun Dafa is good! Her upright voice affected many of the tourists. Many Chinese tourists followed her and said "Falun Dafa is good. They were moved by the faithful and unyielding spirit of this practitioner, and wanted to take a picture with her. In the past she could say only "Falun Dafa is good in Chinese. In order to clarify the truth more efficiently, she carried a sheet of paper in her pocket with Chinese characters and phonetic transcriptions written on it. Whenever she had time, she would take it out and read it aloud. She has already learned how to speak many sentences in Chinese. She told me that she did not know Chinese three months ago. But she has been blessed with the wisdom so that she could learn quickly.

Practitioners understand that it is Dafa which opens our wisdom and capabilities for clarifying the facts. The following are several conversations made between practitioners and Chinese tourists.

Dafa practitioner: "How are you? Here are free materials in Chinese. Jiang Zemin is being sued overseas because of persecuting Falun Gong. A young male tourist said, "I am afraid. I don't want to hear it. The Dafa practitioner said solemnly, "You are a man. What are you afraid of? Afterwards, many people took the materials with them.

Dafa practitioner: "In China, there are many Falun Gong practitioners the same age as us. They are imprisoned simply because they cultivate themselves to become good people. They have parents and children at home, but find no way to care for them. Please pay attention to them, and say a just word for Falun Gong. Many people were moved to tears.

Tourist: "We don't want to see it. It is all falsified. Dafa disciple: "Take a look, and you will know! How can you make a judgment based on a unilateral statement? In the Cultural Revolution, my father was framed and called an anti-revolutionary. There are more than sixty countries around the world that welcome Falun Gong. Nobody can destroy Falun Gong. The tourist accepted the materials.

We also came across visitors from Master Li's hometown.

Dafa practitioner: "Our Master is very righteous. Tourist: "He has been very righteous ever since childhood. I also want to learn Falun Gong. Tourist: "I am not as great as your Master. Another visitor from Master's hometown wanted to invite us for a meal.

Many of the people who came from Master Li's hometown showed boundless respect when they talked about Master. A person who used to be associated with the same regiment as Master expressed sincere gratefulness to practitioners when he received the materials. He stood to attention and saluted Dafa disciples. We knew he was expressing his respect to our Master.

We also encountered a fellow practitioner from China. When she saw us, she was so happy - as though she had been long-separated from family members. She told us the situation in China was getting better. We truly sensed that our hearts were linked to fellow practitioners in China even though we were far apart.

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