(Clearwisdom.net) A fellow practitioner's passport was confiscated because she practiced Falun Dafa. As a result, both she and I went to the Chinese Consulate to clarify the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa. Later, I thought a lot about the situation.

A friend told me that there were defamatory posters-slandering Dafa on display inside the Chinese Consulate in Toronto. I felt very bad after hearing this. For quite a long time, the Chinese Consulates have been used and are still being used by Jiang's regime to extend Jiang's policies of persecution of Falun Dafa overseas. I felt I should go to the consulate to clarify the truth of the persecution so the consulate staff could stop being used to do bad deeds to good people.

A fellow practitioner and I went to the Consulate. She wanted to ask the consulate staff for the official reason her passport had been confiscated. We were waiting at the end of the line and I noticed that the people who were waiting in the line were glancing at those defamatory posters against Falun Dafa. I can't tell you how badly I felt. My fellow practitioner said loudly, "This does not happen in over 60 countries around the world! It's the Jiang regime's slanderous propaganda."

People were silent and listened quietly.

It was the other practitioner's turn to go to the service window. She inquired about her passport. The consulate staff person handed her a form. The fellow practitioner handed her two letters, one written and signed by us and the other written by a western practitioner. We asked her to submit the letters to the general consul. The staff person refused to accept them and said that their work was limited to passport and visa issues only. The fellow practitioner told the people who were waiting, "My passport was confiscated by the consulate staff members because I practice Falun Dafa. They are also propagating and inciting hatred in this free land."

The staff person inside started to become nervous and threatened to call police if we would not leave immediately. My fellow practitioner told her calmly, "We will wait."

The female staff person stopped her work and went inside to make some phone calls. We continued to clarify the truth to the people in the line about the Jiang regime's persecution of Falun Dafa. About five minutes later the female employee came back and continued her work. All the staff working inside were silent. My fellow practitioner advised the consular staff not to be fooled by the Jiang regime's propaganda and not to commit wrongdoing against Dafa practitioners.

We finished what we wanted to say, filled out the form and gave back to the staff person inside. After wishing her a "Happy New Year" we went to the reception area to deliver our letter and handed it to the staff person inside. They accepted the letter reluctantly. They looked at each other but didn't have the courage to open the letter. We encouraged them to read the letter. One of them finally opened the letter. After reading a few lines he screamed, "It's Falun Gong, we cannot accept this!." One of them threatened again to call police. My fellow practitioner told them, "You are the ones who confiscated my passport. We merely sent you a letter about this situation. We will leave after we finish our conversation."

My fellow practitioner told them the facts about Falun Dafa. The consulate staff listened silently. Finally, we wished them a "Happy New Year" and left.

We feel that the act of the Chinese consulate staff confiscating a practitioner's passport presented us with an opportunity to clarify the truth to everyone working there. The employees felt guilty when they confiscated the practitioner's passport and tried to keep the issue secret. It is our responsibility to let as many people as possible know about the facts.

January 4, 2004