(Clearwisdom.net) As a Fa-Rectification Period Dafa disciple, I am fortunate to join the Fa-Rectification cultivation because there has never been such a great and fortunate opportunity since the beginning of heaven and earth. Moreover, we are being saved personally by Teacher and are assisting Teacher to rectify the Fa. For all the living beings in the cosmos, it is truly an unsurpassed glory.

We are the living beings in the old cosmos during its degeneration and destruction phase. Teacher has offered salvation to all of us, and cleansed our body starting from our most true origins. Teacher has not only created a never-ending eternity for us, but He has also helped us to attain mighty virtues as a result of our cultivation achievement. How magnificent Buddha's infinite grace is, and my gratitude and respect to Teacher is beyond words! Then, if we can not do well in each thing that Teacher has asked us to do, it is indeed a serious disrespect of Teacher!

As Dafa disciples, how could we not listen to Teacher's words? Teacher cares about us more than we care about ourselves. Teacher has also told us that everything we have done is for ourselves. Then if we cannot do the tasks Teacher has asked us to do well, it is pointless for us to tell Teacher we are sorry and feel sorry for ourselves.

I have now come to understand more profoundly that as a practitioner, respecting Teacher and the Fa should always be our requirement and considered as the top priority. No matter how many attachments a practitioner has let go, how many truth clarifying tasks a practitioner has done, and how important the tasks a practitioner is responsible for, a practitioner would be in a very dangerous state if he or she cannot sincerely respect Teacher and the Fa. However, the issue is not about paying respect as a type of formality. Teacher has always stated that he simply wants our hearts to cultivate virtue.

In Fa-Rectification cultivation, Dafa disciples are responsible for Dafa, for all the sentient beings, and for assisting Teacher to rectify the Fa. Dafa disciples' righteous thought and conduct, and unselfish and dauntless sacrifices have indeed startled heaven and earth, and have brought tears to both gods and sentient beings. However, some Dafa disciples have considered themselves to be exceptional and having achieved great things through their hard work. I think this is not a righteous thought, and it is rooted in the selfish nature of the old cosmos.

I think that the true meaning of our participation in the Fa-Rectification is to voluntarily assimilate into the Fa and to listen to Teacher's words. We are unable to repay Teacher's compassionate salvation. The only thing we can do is to listen to Teacher's words, let go of the bad things in our minds, respectfully accept the best things Teacher has given to us, walk righteously on the last leg of the journey, and not let Teacher's merciful salvation pass us by.